“Disillusionment” by Stefan – 6.20.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:01 AM EDT on June 20, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Disillusionment is not a bad or negative thing. It reminds you of being intoxicated by alcohol. No matter how badly intoxicated you were, it’s always nice to be sobered up. OK, OK, sometimes not, if you put aside the “hangover”, headaches and similar side effects of getting sober.

Those who have been reading posts here on IDC for a while, who have been waiting for a conversion date, waiting for the good news, know disillusionment. It accompanies us every day, it has become an integral part of our emotional world. Those who have been publishing news for years do not know disillusionment. They have been doing it for so long that they themselves probably believe in what they spread. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their own assessments, their own research, or whether they trust some sources for years, they believe what they tell us, otherwise they couldn’t come across as credible and have millions of clicks or viewers every day.

Those, who daily “beat” any dates around our ears, who really think they have understood the plan of the alliance, CUE, and everything around it, do not know disillusionment either, they continue with their half-knowledge, give us new data, new incidents, new possible scenarios. Disillusionment is only known by those who still fall for it.

I certainly don’t want to be the one with the raised forefinger here, I don’t know many gurus personally, have only watched videos and heard voice messages from a German guru. It is not my place to judge people whose shoes I have not walked in for a month. I don’t know their motivation, their intuition, their agenda either. But I can judge statements and contributions. Folks, and they, unfortunately, always lead me to disillusionment. And in this case, on this particular topic, that’s once not a good feeling.

Yesterday was the 19th of June. There was a rally planned in Berlin, there was a call from several places to come to Berlin. And, what can I say, there were just as many warnings not to go there. The slogan was “We’ve had enough!” and it was supposed to be a protest against the government in Germany. Millions were supposed to come, they didn’t, from what I heard. I am ambivalent when I hear about demonstrations. On the one hand, we have witnessed in our history that people taking to the streets can make a difference. The last months before the “German reunification” have shown us that. That this was deliberately allowed, I mention only in passing, we will learn this fact soon enough when we hear and see the truth.

On the other hand, a demonstration against a government is of no use if I have to register and get permission for the demonstration beforehand. And then also comply with the government’s rules imposed on me for the demonstration. Last year there were demonstrations against the mask requirement and distance rules, among other things, but almost everyone wore masks. Those who didn’t got to feel the power of the Constellis mercenaries. Yesterday there was a ban mile in Berlin, which was not allowed to enter. Yes, folks, what do I care about a ban mile when I’m demonstrating against a government? In a German joke it is said that Germans can’t demonstrate because they are not allowed to enter the lawn. Yep, one hundred percent true! It would have been better to call for demonstrations in front of SHAEF troop facilities, which exist all over Germany at strategic points and locations. With the demand, “Give us free at last!”


SHAEF is the government institution in Germany. Officially since last year! So, if someone can move something here, then the real government. The state construct BRD is long since deregistered and expired. They are only allowed to do what SHAEF allows them to do, including all media. Unfortunately, the reasons why this is still allowed, with all the victims, which are now also due to the vaccinations, have not yet become clear to me. But there will be, I am sure of it. Either there’s a plan or everybody just does what they want to do. And I can’t imagine the latter, and I also believe that there are already plans for the aftermath.

Now let’s return to the disillusionment. Those who wanted to bring millions to Berlin to “make the government resign” are disillusioned. Those who went there, with whatever motivation, are also disillusioned. Those who went there, with whatever motivation, are also disillusioned. Those who advised against it are also disillusioned, because they have no plan and must now propose something alternative. But what? Nothing works! So here, too, disillusionment! Those who, like me, energetically supported yesterday with positive feelings and with love, are also disillusioned. Because they realize, at least it is so with me, it was wasted energy. The SHAEF troops are also disillusioned. They feel the rise of the awakening in Germany, the increasing desire for freedom of the people. And sorry, I don’t mean those, especially young people, who pick up their “shot” just to be able to go halligalli again. I saw the latter yesterday as well, it’s devastating what the Deep State has done to our future.

So, SHAEF is waiting for the awakeners to finally take the right steps, for all groups, channels, movements to find their lowest common denominator, get together and finally put their foot down with this common denominator. But every damn day they are disillusioned. I am also disillusioned every day, because for every good action there are always several counter-actors digging in the dirt, just to find something to discredit him or her. They have no solution themselves (posting hearts and praying hands is not a solution), but make everything else bad. There is also quickly times mirrored or something else twisted or interpreted into it. Whether controlled or unconscious is completely irrelevant, they lead to the disillusionment of many, uncertainty, new fears, confusion included. What is it about “Together we are strong” that is so difficult to understand? “They want you divided” we are now increasingly doing for months, even years without success.

Maybe these “delays” of a losing power, these permanent disillusionments are the “warning shots”, the alarm signals the alliance is sending us to finally get off our butts. Not only to find common ground and to work together, but also even more massively to dream, to visualize, to mentally already build our new world. When the battle is finally fought and won, we all have the same level of knowledge, then the common ground is suddenly at 100 percent. Impossible at the present time, you see that too, don’t you? We don’t need any more disillusionments, we need successes! The lowest common denominators are what we all basically want:

We want our country back!
We want our freedom and sovereignty back!
We want to turn to our government!

Is this government located in Berlin? No!
Will it give us back our country, freedom and sovereignty? Never and never!
Can the FRG government do that at all? Also a no!

So where would we have to demonstrate? Exactly! In Stuttgart, there is the headquarters of SHAEF and moreover in front of every American barracks. Maybe the guys and gals are just waiting for it and are always disillusioned when the Germans run to Berlin.

“For miracles we don’t need fairy tales!
Only a thought, a heartfelt wish, a vision,
firm faith and a heart that understands!”


WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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