“Rope and Pray” by GK – 6.20.21


Entry Submitted by GK at 9:37 AM EDT on June 20, 2021

You know when you feel like the biggest retard failure in the world then it hits you…

The President of the United States cops cheap creepy feels of little Asian girls’ undeveloped boobs during photoshoots while C-SPAN is taping?

The FBI who are supposed to epitomize upstanding citizenry and law enforcement, pretend the President doesn’t have an island next door to Epstein Island where children are brought for rape and pornography and blood harvesting?

That… Well… What I just said– times a million of deviant scumbags and even worse,  unimaginable crimes against children, society, and even the elderly?

Do you feel a little less of a retard failure in comparison?

Cuz I know I do.

Yeah I am upset with myself for a lifetime of failures. But then I realize I didn’t join the satanic cult for opportunity and privilege which is the true graduate program for success. 

Then I look myself in the mirror, pluck a nose hair and say… Be proud. You did it by living a life free of being the most vile degenerate scumbag evil spawns from piss and vomit.

Then you make a sandwich and post your dismay on Facebook and a stranger gives you a thumbs up?

Then you look out the window and have an epiphany, you didn’t die and go to hell, you were born and went to hell.

And you don’t have a clue as to how you can stop these horrors for the sake of decency?

Then you think that maybe you did fail at enough things as to have been at least a little complicit? Like all the hours wasted watching sports or tv reruns?

Then you think, bring back the lynch mob. That really is the answer you conclude. Then you think let’s get this lynch mob idea on the road.

First step, rope.

Second step… Identify those getting away with murder.

Third step– gather the like minded irate mob.

Seems like a lot of work.

What if the media and authorities get it all wrong? Blame the fed up citizens and vilify them 

Is this the circle of perpetual evil? Or am I missing something?

Then let’s consider even going outside for fresh air– someone who was given a contagious bioweapon injection, might shed the virus on you. Or it’s laced into a chemtrail above.

Are you still thinking we need to vote different psychopaths into office because what we really have to do is hang every one of them from trees and lamp posts. George Sr. had the decency to tell us… “If you knew what we have done to you, you would chase us down and lynch us.”

Once you think everything over, you realize that since the devil runs the turf and God runs the afterlife, that options are written by the devils and a bit of anarchy is in order. No– not leftist hired twats and twits like antifa but true chaos of men as a posse lynch mob. No trials or last words or whatever, just gitterdone.


Yeah I know, dumb idea.

But I do have rope. If anyone wants to kick around the idea. Run it up the flag…and all that.


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