Dinarland Highlights for June 21, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.21.21


…all my sources are saying everything is done. We just await the final release and notifications. We clearly are on an any moment release.

This is a fluid event and we must remain fluid and keep our expectations in check…As far as the release of the RV, what was told is all is ready and done and then we found out yesterday something needed to be done by the IMF. …just allow it to happen and it will when it is time.



Al-Kazemi’s financial advisor:  Deleting three zeros from the currency is an option

Every six months or so this gets brought up and everybody gets in panic mode…he didn’t say they’re gonna do it.  It’s an option.  They did 5 years worth of study.  You know what they found out It’s not doable.  It affects the poor too much…they already devalued the currency, now you’re talking about lopping off the zeros?  So 10,000 dinars becomes 10 dinars…lopping the zeros off the currency -bad. Removing it off the rate – good…if they lop off the zeros people would lose confidence in their currency.  You would get pissed off people from countries all over who have invested into the currency…

Look they talk about this all the time.  People always get their panties in a wad.   They talk about this but there’s already been a ton of studies that say this would be big.  This would be bigger than when they devalued the currency in the first place.  Are they going to do it?  There’s no way to tell.  Most likely not.  That doesn’t mean I’m right.  It’s my opinion…this would be yet another huge blow to the currency itself.  People would lose faith in it…they bring this up at least once every six months…everybody goes up in in arms.  Everybody panics…watch what they do, not what they say.



[via PDK]

I believe this is going to be a very interesting week…I believe this is going to come at us at a million miles an hour this week…I heard from my banking contacts there was a major push for this to go last night. There is a lot of folks still in place. My redemption folks in Europe are staying in place…Europe is still holding  on to hope… As for rates…lots of different rates showing on banks screens …nothing settled…my banking guys do not know what the rate will finally be…We are just waiting for that shoe to drop. I know it’s hard when we are so close…    



…WF, HSBC, (and thousands of Redemption Centers), all of the banking entities involved, wait along with millions of us, for the start to begin the exchange process – expected last night. ...No rates were publicly given, and FOREX did not demonstrate the New Iraq Dinar values – along with 22 other new currency values. So what happened? We may never know…What matters is that the RV GCR is moving forward…There’s no stopping RV GCR. FOREX rates are updated every TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SUNDAY…

Our military intel contact can’t say much except that IMF had to finish rate coordination after Iraq finished, the RV teams meeting and pointing fingers today means they are PUSHING HARD for the release right now…His info agrees…“positive news for this week”…; and his info agrees with the intel from Mr Fleming’s source who said, “There was a meeting today to determine who did what in causing the RV delay last night. The parties attending included: DOD, IMF, UST, WF, HSBC, and the specific principals from Iraq involved, all of the parties involved in the release…the end result was a unanimous – push this out right now decision. It’s all in process.

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