The Atlantis Report: This is the Greatest Bubble of all Time


The Atlantis Report
Premiered Jun 22, 2021

The money print press is running at increased speed.

This economy is a SHAM, Fed and SEC to blame! All their actions is to PUMP to pay for the government’s BIG DREAMS to SPEND MORE,and TAX MORE!

THE CURRENT US DEBT CLOCK is 28.4 TRILLION ,we are closing in on 30 TRILLION!!! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Try $150T in unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare. Inflation will not help that in the least bit. Default will be the only option.

But for the sake of our future generations let’s keep pumping the stock market on every dip, Spending more and more, until we end up like the Roman Empire.

It is hard to believe that someone is still buying the US Stocks in this Tulip Mania BUBBLE!

S&P 500 Ponzi Scheme went from 1500 to 4200 in a blink of an eye for no reason, with 2008 fundamentals. The US Stock Market is a Get Quick Rich Scheme! Collapsing real Economy and ABSURD Valuations do not matter!

The fraudulent US Media and scam artists are vomiting nonsense about fake “economic recovery” that is not happening in reality, but nobody mentions the ABSURD Valuations and Skyrocketing valuation multiples P/E and P/S ratios!


The problem is the current Mega BUBBLE in the US Market is not sustainable. NOBODY is buying the US Stocks right now. The only buyer is the US Government’s itself.

Every economic system has failed throughout history, on a long enough timeline.

If you were a central bank trying to manipulate the markets and print like crazy where would you want the money to go! You’d try to cut off traditional safe havens (cash,bonds and Precious Metals) by driving them into the ground and encourage things that have little impact on the economy to inflate (collectibles, digital assets, etc).

This failed economy is about to see another 5 day run in the red with surprise failures in jobs reports, productivity, consumer confidence, higher inflation, GDP that misses unrealistic expectations.


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