The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 6-22-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 6-22-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 22nd  – and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in once again all over the globe whether it’s live or on the recording replay –

Alright this is the all-important intel segment of the call and I’m excited about it – so let’s just go with where we are and where we think we’re going – the plan is to stay on plan A until plan B manifests – we are all waiting for that to happen – we’re waiting for plan B to come through – the blessing is on its way – and I’ll tell you what I think –

The information that we got was that Iraq actually had a rate – that they were prepared and did put out internationally on Saturday – now they had some issues in Iraq with Iranian sympathizers – they tried to gum up the works – and we also found there were several prankster paymasters types – who were trying to gain the new system and inter into codes and be able to siphon funds off – well it just doesn’t work – and the system finds out in 18 seconds and then in 30 minutes these guys are in handcuffs / bracelets –

So the main thing is Iraq did what they said they were going to do – Saturday – but then with these shenanigans took place it backed us up a little bit and we thought ok we’re going to be good to go today – we will get notified today and be good to go today – well we came to find out what happened was the IMF got involved and wanted to increase a rate that came out from Iraq and so they got with the CBI person – IMF did and agreed on a higher rate that Iraq could easily support with their hands tied behand their backs – no big deal –

So they agreed on a rate and that was all set – and we thought that it probably would make its way onto Forex either last night or this morning – well we come to find out that the rate is supposed to go to the Forex tomorrow morning and be tradeable – but only certain people will see the Forex rate and those are official traders of currency and of course the bank people – 

So in other words it’s only a limited number of people that will actually see these new rates and then after tomorrow morning – after the Iraqi Dinar is added in – the other 22 currencies that are going up in value will also be added to the bank screens – We were told that we should be going shortly thereafter


Now – have had people in the Treasury that have in a sense been blocking this from going forward – we’ve been using the term – we’ve been waiting for the “green light” or waiting for the bond holders to be green lighted so they can get access to their 1% of their bond funds – well more bonds are still in the position of needing to be paid out overnight tonight and again probably at least tomorrow –

We need the yellow dragon bonds to be paid out – the railroad bonds – there are several types that need to get notified – in other words the owners or former owners and sellers of these bonds are waiting for the final email to tell them they have access to XX amount of dollars in their account because most of the bond holders have received already one from their paymaster that are telling them the amounts that they have in their bonds – in total amount – the 1% amount – all of that has been laid out – for the people to know – really what the deal is – and so they’ve not been given the final email that will give them access to those funds – that’s what we’re looking to have – we expect that to happen over the next couple of days – which if we go along with what I am about to tell you – we should have the so called shotgun start that we’ve been talking about for years –

So where we are right now is pointing to certain things happening overnight tonight – and that could include the notification to these bond holders or bond sellers – it could also include the email notifications that we’re looking for – they may go out – overnight tonight – it could be hard to say absolutely on that – but I’m being told that they should go out – tonight –

I would not stay up to watch for that – I would say tomorrow morning when you normally check your email that’s when you probably would look for it – because they may not release that until a certain time they can release it by blocks – East Coast – Central time – Mountain time – Pacific time – and then Alaska & Hawaii – together – 5 different blocks of emails that would go out by time zone – Each block should go out approximately an hour apart which would make them about the same time in each respective time zone

So we have an Iraqi Dinar international rate that was accepted and jumped and bounced up by the IMF – and now that is out and on the bank screens and we believe our notifications day is to happen either tomorrow (Wed) by around noon or 2PM or early afternoon – that time frame – and if for some reason it’s not – we should look for it on Thursday morning –

But if everything goes according to plan – I was just informed about we should get it tomorrow – Wednesday – and some redemption centers I think are going to be open till 10PM  and a lot of people will be able to set appointments and possibly go even tomorrow afternoon or evening – depending on when it hits in your time zone –

Otherwise it may be setting appointments and then going the following day (Thursday)  so Wednesday is definitely in play – and Thursday is most definitely in play – from what we’re hearing –


This was supposed to go last Saturday – but you know – these Iranian sympathizers and the 11 banksters got in the way of this thing gummed up the works and took that opportunity away from us – so we’ve got a lot of different sources that were talking about us going today – that it wasn’t really going to happen – Treasury did not allow that to be green lighted – but look for it to happen very soon – possibly overnight –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins:   1:01:45

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