“Urgent: No Glitch! 100% Whales Holding Lower Tiers Back” by Bob L – 6.23.21


Entry Submitted by Bob L at 9:09 AM EDT on June 23, 2021

Hello all.

We are not encountering a “GLITCH”, but 100% Steam Rolled over by our New Rulers of our New World!

OK – here is 100% proof the top tiers are stopping lower Tiers Money.  Upper players are controlling the Lions share of our New “Criminal Free” world. We may be getting rid of our criminals today, the the Criminals of Tomorrow are Destroying everyone right now, and its right in front of us.

Yes – Funding 100% has bee released to the Banking and Powerful Elites, our new Rulers of our “New World”

Want your 100% proof?

LOOK AROUND YOU and what do you see?  Every single house for sale is being paid for by the Future Rulers of our World!  Notice all the Double/Triple old listing prices?  Not a single home left for sale?  Every single home put up for sale is sold the same day?
You see guys, Tier 4B is NOT TO BE ANY PLAYER in our “New World”, but once again Ruled by a Evil Criminal Elite, who now “Owns” every single home being sold.  Why do you think the Release of our Funds hasn’t happened yet?  Yeah – the Evil Criminal need to delay ALL OUR PAYMENTS, SO THEY CAN BUY EVER INCH OF LAND/PROPERTY THEY CAN, and start to charge double/triple to average people!

The release delays are 100% PLANNED, to keep the rich and powerful, in Power, and Rule our new world!  But of course…  Do you all see it now? 

So you see, the monies we get, will only let us buy better homes, and 10x times the price, to drain our accounts, while the FAT CAT CRIMINALS IN UPPER TIERS, Control the human masses.

That’s why 100% the delay is/was planned, and it was NO GLITCH of us not getting our money.  The rich elite, and powerful, need extra month(s) of having their funds released, will spend Quadrillions to keep the lower Tiers to get involved in our “New” world.  The longer they hold up our planets banking payouts, the more land and property they have already bought up.

Why do you think lumber prices went up 300%?  Yeah – the Whales bought up the companies and holding back the prices.  They are squeezing every penny for everything.  This not only has Whales buying up lumber, but all the farms, and meat prices and that skyrocketing.

So you see guys, the 2nd Tier evil elites and rich and powerful in our world, now control our new world.  How long before they go right back to what they were doing in our human past, of controlling the human race once again? 

The “Glitch” was no glitch, but a knowingly purposeful plan, to hold back lower Tiers funding, so they can buy and get the Lions share of our planet.  See it at play, after I told you about the housing market going 2-4x and every home sold the same day?  Who and Why do you think that is?   Oh – its just a average Joe right?  Wrong.  Its the Top Tiers buying everything they can with their windfall…  And here’s the honest little guy, Tier 4B and 5.  We get NOTHING, but the leftovers.  As you see, their will be NO LEFTOVERS FOR YOU TO PLAY ANY PART IN HELPING OUR NEW WORLD. 

So clearly, the longer the “Delay” upon “Delay” in releasing our Tier 4B funds, the Whales become fatter and more powerful…  SEE IT NOW?

Our world is already 100% out of our hands, in we now have the Whales of old, rich, powerful, elites, once again, 100% control the human race, and us as its slaves…  See it Now?

We all are being played and laughed at, for being so dumb, not to see that is going on.  Use Tier 4B will only now be “middleclass” people, and those not knowing, will be the new poor people of our New Earth…

Give me credit for being the 1st to release this.  My dream light worker inspires me, and communicates what’s going on during sleep. Bless them whoever they are…  🙂

Bob L from SM, WI



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