Dinarland Highlights for June 24, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.24.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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I’m excited… the blessing is on its way…The information that we got was that Iraq actually had a rate… they were prepared and did put out internationally on Saturday – now they had some issues in Iraq with Iranian sympathizers…these shenanigans … backed us up a little bit and we thought ok we’re going to be good to go...well we came to find out what happened was the IMF got involved and wanted to increase a rate that came out from Iraq and so they got with the CBI person – IMF did and agreed on a higher rate that Iraq could easily support…we believe our notifications day is to happen either…(Wed)…and if for some reason it’s not – we should look for it on Thursday morning…but look for it to happen very soon…



The dollar continues to decline against the dinar with the closure of the Baghdad Stock Exchange

Again going in the right direction.  It’s doing it in baby steps but it’s going…it got down to around 1470 for every one dollar…so it is going in the right direction.  It’s doing it at about…10 dinars at a time…as long as it keeps going in the right direction I’ll take the baby steps

Parliamentary Finance sends an “urgent” message to the government regarding dollar prices

The news coming out of Iraq the last 7 to 10 days or so has been very positive.  Baby steps but you know what nonetheless still positive

the parliament finance committee called on Iraq government to restore the exchange rate of he dollar against the Iraq dinar…

People are going, oh, Pimpy is this restored back to the original $3.00?’  No.  They’re talking about the rate change of 1190 for every dollar.  The economy supports it now with oil prices going up…


Mountain Goat

We must keep telling ourselves to remember that VALUE and RATE are two different things. We know for a FACT that the VALUE of the dinar is very high but the RATE to reflect the true VALUE is being suppressedWhy? Its called corruption…The Iraqi dinar has tremendous VALUE, as Dr Shabibi himself told the world way back in the early 2000’s that the dinar could sustain as much as $16.00 US in open trading. (I am not saying this is going to be the rate when it comes out). What we want is the RATE of exchanging to US dollars from Dinars to rise. We already have the VALUE...


“… justification and motivation not to change the exchange rate to 1450, but rather to return to the old exchange rate.”

They are talking about going back to the “OLD” exchange rate upwards of $3.00+. This is VERY clear they DO NOT mean going back to the old previous post December 2020 program rate of 1450. Yes, it can not get any clearer the direction they want to take…


Frank26 (KTFA)

They are connected with their banks inside of Iraq to the international banks outside of Iraq.  This has never happened in my lifetime.  Because this is happening right now it’s very obvious they’re Article VIII and that’s very obvious why the world is pouring in…granted they don’t have to raise the value of their currency to be article VIII but they have to have International laws in order to be Article VIII. By doing so that means that the dinar is going outside of the country… the evidence is there.  We know what they’re doing



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We are exactly where we were at yesterday…  It’s not a nothing burger… We are expecting movement sometime on Thursday…We are watching very closely. We have been here before so I caution you all not to get to excited.


Walkingstick (KTFA)

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It’s now finished [The new CBI building].  Talk about timing.  This building it’s huge.  It looks like the tower of babel…this bank was not ready two years ago.  Nothing was ready two years ago.  This bank is ready now…it is state of the art.  You don’t need the state of the art for a program rate.  You need the state of the art for Article VIII…the new CBI building is now ready for the monetary reform and it’s ready for the international banking world…it’s going to be a currency central hub…

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