“It’s about Time! C’mon, Man!” by Stefan – 6.25.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 11:32 AM EDT on June 25, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

With the headline I don’t mean the RV. It will come and all of us will never have to worry about financial care again. Nobody will have to worry about money anymore, there will be enough for every single person in the world. When it will come, I do not know. But I know it is coming!

Yesterday I published an article for the German-speaking countries, in which I really burst my collar. The situation in my home country has become unbearable. And, sorry, I am no longer in the mood for popcorn and waiting for a mass awakening. That won’t happen in Germany in a hundred years. Wait, wait, not a hundred years, in a very short time we will either all be vaccinated or a few will have left the country. Then the world can divide the territory of the former Germany among itself. The few German patriots who did not fall victim to the division, to the state simulation FRG, to the vaccination, will surely be gladly seen in the countries where they successfully sought protection. After all, we are industrious, imaginative and inventive.

Don’t you think? The Americans did the same after the armistice in the Second World War. They brought the “poets and thinkers” to America, why should they burn them up in the reconstruction of Germany? After all, German scientists developed weapons and technology that were long ahead of their time. But that is another topic, we will all (hopefully) soon learn more about what and especially how it really happened.

I have already written to you several times about how many different “groupings” we Germans are divided into. This is in no way comparable with America. That is why the awakening process in America is much easier and much faster. Also in other European countries it is much easier to get people for the same cause on the streets or at least to unite them in such a crowd that you can set signs. The American people can be shown things, they understand them, they believe them and they act accordingly. To the Germans you show things, they don’t believe it, you prove things with hundred percent proofs, they don’t believe it. They prefer to fight the messenger before they believe the news. Napoleon already knew that, my fellow patriots know that and of course the Deep State knows it too:

“More foolish is no other nation on earth!
I never needed to sow discord among Germans.
No lie can be devised crudely enough, the Germans believe it!
I only had to stretch out my (lying) nets,
then they ran into it like shy deer.
Among themselves they choked
and they thought they were doing their duty!”

In Germany, the Deep State with its whole criminal swamp has done a great job over decades. Ignorance, yes, also stupidity, naivety, obedience to authority and egoism. These are qualities that the Deep State has instilled in us. And those who were immune to them or have become immune to them are being fought in the strongest possible terms. From above by a state simulation with all the power that is possible, from both sides, from the front and from behind by indoctrinated fellow human beings. Every resistance, every demonstration ends badly for those who dare to do so. And the fellow human beings are happy if there is one less troublemaker. Can nevertheless the own life go on as before. Pure egoism! This can also be seen in our youth. They all get vaccinated just to be able to “party” again. Nothing is questioned, all warnings fizzle out, even the increasing deaths and damages by the vaccinations are completely faded out. When they themselves take damage it is too late.


You have to imagine the “revolt of the Germans” (if you can call it that)! We apply to the government, against which we want to demonstrate, for a demonstration. The government approves the demonstration, but gives us a ban mile, that is, an area into which we are not allowed to enter. Then this government gives us rules that we have to follow (masks, distance, etc.) . In addition, it strengthens the police contingent and makes the water cannons ready. So, let’s be honest: How sick is that, right? That would be just like Antifa and BLM applying to an American governor to be allowed to destroy stores and public facilities.

On the important point of this article. I don’t know who all is reading along here, but I hope there are some members of the Alliance, maybe even some members of the military. I hope it’s people close to Donald Trump or Mike Flynn. Yesterday, I saw this post from Storm Rider:

I know this post is certainly not meant for Germany. I know it because it should be clear to everyone that there is no one in Germany who stands up against the government. Those who could do it with a truth behind them don’t exist. Because no one really knows the truth. Patriots who are serious and would go in the right direction are too few. Those who would do it to trap my countrymen are too few, and they are divided to boot. Those who have more and more doubts but do not dare to come to the fore are the silent masses. They will not rise up as long as they do not have their backs strengthened. And the ignorant, who just want their old life back in the injustice system, watch MSM, get vaccinated and fight anyone who disagrees with them.

A few excerpts from a post of the Telegram channel World Awakening, which I would like to go into, because it shows again that Germany is not comparable with other countries:

  • The anger of the people erupts quickly, everything spreads quickly on the net, the realization that this whole pandemic is one big show comes quickly.
  • Most Germans have no anger, they like to wear masks, they like to keep their distance, they stop celebrating because they want to show solidarity. They like to get vaccinated, they like to pay the highest taxes, they like to have the lowest pensions. Yes, they even like to pay taxes, especially for climate change. In doing so, they save themselves, their people and the world, all by themselves. They believe the government, which only wants the best for them, that has always been the case, even if everyone has been proven wrong in the past. They cannot understand those who think differently and would prefer to lock them up.
  • The most important thing at this stage is to eliminate any fear, not to be silent and to go forward courageously. The victory will be for the truth, for us – the people.
  • Most Germans know the truth, the truth of their “government”. They believe politicians, false scientists, the media, because everything is repeated very often and very nicely. Critics are torn apart in the media, this reinforces the majority that it is all just right-wing radicals and conspiracy theorists. So, everything done right, Deep State. The lie is the truth in Germany for the German people.
  • It is worth noting that employers are also panicking. They are now caught between two fires. On the one hand – the business, an established process that brings some profit, on the other – the need to vaccinate employees who categorically refuse to do so.
  • This is not the case in Germany either. The companies, the employers who have survived the useless lockdowns, who are therefore still around, are not panicking. They have either been given funds, or they are simply allowed to do a forced vaccination with the backing of the government, its institutions and the media. There is mild resistance from the usual “conspiracy theorists,” but the employers know they have no penalties to fear. Nor do they need to worry about a boycott in Germany. The indoctrinated German doesn’t care about his health, he takes the shot so he can keep going to work. He also continues to buy Coca-Cola, he doesn’t care what he supports. He wants his Coke! And he wants to keep his job! This is indoctrinated me, me, me, me, me! After me the deluge, the main thing, Coke, TV, soccer. If something becomes more expensive, he looks for a side job so that he can continue to pay for everything. Only a few workers refuse vaccination, they are all afraid of unemployment.
  • A pleasant moment is also that now people have become much more united in the face of a common enemy in the face of the “government” that has declared war on them.
  • Folks, when I read this, my glasses slipped off my nose with laughter. The author has never been to Germany. The most divided population imaginable. The only unity I can notice among my countrymen is ANGST. I don’t need to write more, because fear eats brains, that’s why the Deep State has a firm grip on everything here and that won’t change. Not in a hundred years!
  • We are in a war that we can win in an hour. And that is our strength.
  • It’s nice how easy it is in other countries. Sometimes I wish I were incarnated as an American. Just in the last four years, this wish has become extreme. But I have to play the hand I have been dealt. In Germany, we cannot win the war on our own strength from within in an hour. Our strengths, our virtues fizzle out against the power that others have. As long as the balance of power does not change, German patriots have no chance.

The FRG state simulation does not adhere to its own regulations in its self-created infection protection law, does not adhere to any of the specifications for the people themselves. Masks and distances, only when the cameras are on. In addition, illegal laws, illegal elections, illegal government, corruption, lies in resumes, glaring errors, lies in front of the camera, all do not matter! They just keep going because they know no one can go against them from the inside. They control the media, they have the police mercenaries under control, who would act against their own fellow human beings if they were ordered to do so. All doubters, critics, opponents are targeted and fought with illegal methods. Any resistance is nipped in the bud, and in addition, oppositions are deliberately created that have only one task: Division, division, division! That is Germany: suppressed truth, powerless or brainwashed, divided people wasting their strength in skirmishes among themselves. Powerless patriots on the verge of despair and abandonment!

Yes, there is a plan, and yes, I do not know the plan. Therefore, all may forgive me for bringing over a little impatience here as well. I don’t want to do that, but there comes a point in life when you can’t hold back any longer and you have to demand or call for something.

I appeal to the Alliance to take official action in Germany as soon as possible, be it through a (potentially possible) provisional government or a military government, be it through a complete takeover of the state propaganda broadcasting. Maybe it’s not Germany’s turn yet, I don’t want to and can’t judge that, but dear White Hats, dear Alliance, we are losing courage, financial support, confidence and self-confidence, patience and also comrades-in-arms. I am sure you are aware of this and perhaps you have taken it all into account. If we have to wait for other steps, acts in the show, moves in the game that have to be made before, at least give us a straw. A straw that gives us some power, that no longer leaves us powerless.


You have everything, you know everything. So you also know the true patriots! The patriots who will support you 100 percent with a little help to help themselves. The patriots who are currently powerless, but who would fight with you full of energy if they received this help. This would only be to your advantage, firstly we could activate the silent masses (even more fighters!!!), secondly we would see who really means well for our future and not just divide for their own benefit. Please give us a chance to do our part, give us some power to stand up and take our country back.

I have a small reach, but I am networked with other patriots. A jolt must finally go through our fatherland. Many patriots are waiting in the wings, only a few are aware of it. “The world will be healed by German nature!” This is not just a saying, I am convinced that there is some truth in it. Only the being must not be powerless, right? It is time! I am ready to initiate this jolt, give us some power!

“The burden of a human being is to keep a HEALTHY mind in a completely SICK world!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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