Dinarland Highlights for June 25, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 6.25.21


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We don’t know how it will work in all countries…but here in the US…where we have so many currency holders I can tell you undoubtably that there will be a number of redemption centers. I have talked to people in real life who have helped train folks for the redemption centers…in other countries where there are fewer currency holders they will probably just use banks. Even here in the US they may designate certain banks as redemption centers…especially in rural areas.

My bankers are still seeing all kinds of fluctuating rates. There was great hopes for last night…there has been no movement yet to speak of. People are still being asked to stay in place… Most of the info I am getting now is leaking from Europe and Asia. It may be tough from now on to get anything solid…this is a good thing.


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A government advisor reveals the goal of the 5 trillion initiative for the Central Bank

This is telling me that the CBI is fully aware of the global monetary polices and circumstances affecting the world and have a plan to help with those…To move a real economy takes being international and able to work on a level playing field.

…Iraq is not besieged any longer.  They don’t have the hyper inflation like the previous decades, nor do the have the DEBT!  Getting to a market economy requires a level playing field. A program rate with out being Article 8 compliant in totality is not going to level that field.

A reinstatement based of current fundamentals will and can make it happen. Being fully article 8 will be show time… imo…Having support from having an internationally acceptable currency is imo part of the plan. They need to be successful. The world is imo relying on if not requiring it to happen, peripherally anyway, imo.  It sure looks like what we are seeing is the stage is set and the reconstruction expo if you will is the weekend…Fascinating times we are in…imo.


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The advisory body is studying the investment of high oil prices and addressing the effects of the dollar exchange

They’re telling you they are changing the rate.

“Regarding changing the dollar exchange rate…there is a study that the Central Bank is conducting with the Ministry of Planning and economic experts to address the effect of changing the exchange rate…”

Bada-bing-bada-boom…Drop the microphone!



…We can wait a little longer…but here’s my thought process.  The more surplus they have…then there’s no need for borrowing.  There won’t be a deficit in the next couple of year’s budgets and could spend more money on private sectors providing jobs.  More jobs – the less money that government needs in its budget – puts us right back on track…I would keep it at this rate to the end of the year and then move it back to the 1190 dinars and then start slow increments increase…From 1190 dinar…to 1180.  Wait a few months….mover it up to…950 dinar…it benefits the Iraqi people…you don’t raise the rate and then turn around and have to lower it again…I know you don’t want to hear this…that’s just my opinion.  I’m not saying they’re doing that




Friday RV Report:  Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources…THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS for going live with the RV/GCR and a Sat 26 June shotgun start…AS OF TODAY FRI 25 JUNE DoD like UST realize THEY NEED TO GET THE RV OUT TO GO LIVE WITH THE SHOTGUN START TODAY OR WITHIN THE NEXT 4 DAYS because EVERYTHING IS COMPLETED AND READY TO GO LIVE…RV rates will not be finalized until the lockdown of rates and procedures happens just before the shotgun start and T4B is started…WE ARE AT THE END, AT THE FINAL DEADLINE TIMING…


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we…have word that the GCR and the RV…is to take place at 12:01 AM Saturday morning – When I hear that time it makes me think of “Friday Night” 1 minute after midnight – 12:01 AM is the official time for the GCR and RV to be in effect… we may just get this over the weekend and yes we could start Saturday…but could turn into early next week… so I’m looking forward to some great things happening by the weekend and over the weekend… were are in an any minute situation for notification…



Friday RV News:  Yesterday was very quiet and there was not much news. The quiet is good as people are told to be quiet to get this done. All that was said is they want this completed and are feverishly working to complete it and get the final release done.   I understand all issues are completed and they were having meetings to get this rolled out…


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