The Atlantis Report: A Financial Nuclear Bomb of Debt about to be Dropped on the Markets


The Atlantis Report
Premiered Jun 26, 2021

Every market day (20 business days per month), the Central-Bank-Cartel American subsidiary, The Federal Reserve, spends $6,000,000,000 of fiat money on Federal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, ETF’s and Mortgage Securities, and places them on their own balance sheet.

They are most likely using BlackRock, State Street, JP Morgan, GS and others as intermediates.

So they are using money that was made out of nothing, and charging you interest on it, and using our money to buy our countries assets, and put them on their own balance sheets.

If gold or some other untouchable solidifying currency anchor were in place, NONE of those aforementioned events would have occurred without exorbitant taxation placed upon the citizens of all countries involved. You see fiat-based currencies enable the demonic forces behind world domination to pay for their diabolical implements WITHOUT having to immediately get the funds from the populace. If THAT were the case, revolution would soon ensue.

Our present rulers are wise, cunning, soulless, and without any semblance of morality. They are driven solely by the pursuit of power and control.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to notice everything went south upon unlawful authorization of the federal reserve act of 1913.

I care not about the US debt because the US (corporate) debt is not Americas (unincorporated sovereign states) debt. The American state citizens (unincorporated) have no obligation concerning that debt. The US corporation and its corporate citizens are liable for that debt. Are you liable for another persons debt without a contract. I’m an American State Citizen, I have no contracts with the corporate US or USA governments, with the exception of the Constitutions. The Constitutions give the Federal government no jurisdiction over the American State People. That’s the US corporations con; run up the corporate debt with their banker handlers, declare bankruptcy and leave the American people who have been misidentified as corporate chattel (US Citizens) holding the bag. They walk , and you loose your shirt. You and what you believe to be your property is their collateral.



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