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Al-Kaabi tweeted: We welcome the convening of the Arab summit in Baghdad and Iraq’s return to its pivotal role

Today, Saturday, the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Al-Kaabi, welcomed the convening of the Arab Tripartite Summit in Baghdad. 

Al-Kaabi said in a tweet to him on Twitter, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): We welcome the convening of the tripartite Arab summit in Baghdad and Iraq’s return to its pivotal important role in Arab and regional issues and the strengthening of its relations with the Arab brothers.

It is hoped that the capital, Baghdad, will host, tomorrow, Sunday, a tripartite summit between Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, to be held by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Jordanian King Abdullah II, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, after it was previously postponed due to emergency circumstances.  link

Al-Kazemi: Positive signs are emerging in our region and a move towards starting to alleviate the crises

On Saturday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi expressed his optimism about the existence of positive signs in resolving the crises taking place in the region, at a time when he renewed his warning against terrorism and its impact on peoples. 

This came in an article he published today, titled “A historical necessity whose password is: “Restoring confidence.”


Al-Kazemi said in the article: Positive signs are looming in our region and the will of its political leaders are moving towards starting to alleviate the crises that have befallen them and making every concerted effort to zero them, which requires us to give priority to the commonalities that unite our peoples by restoring the historical depth and the opposite interaction that was at the basis of producing values Ethics, a scientific and philosophical inheritance, and knowledge in language, culture, arts, and astronomy enriched human existence. 

And he added, “Iraq, as a people and a country, has gone through bitter experiences that were not limited to negative repercussions only on us, but also affected the countries of the region and led to regional and international setbacks that are no less dangerous in their repercussions and complications than the complexity of the Iraqi scene.”

Al-Kami added: Our Iraqi people realize, based on their historical experiences, that any imbalance experienced by the region, whether in its balances or in its inter-relations, such as what was the basis for the absence of the weight of Iraq with all that it constituted, in the past years in particular, led to deep rifts in the Arab scene. And the regional is not in isolation, but in conjunction with the crises and confrontations that the internal situation in Iraq has been subjected to, bringing it to the brink of deterioration.

He continued by saying: It is no longer possible to coexist with such crises, which is what prompted our Iraqi people to bear a heavy responsibility for healing our national wound, to prevent it from recurring, difficult to treat and exacerbation, indicating that the recovery of our Iraq is only a contribution to the recovery and revival of our Arab world, and this is our common national and national responsibility. .

And the current Iraqi prime minister added, by saying: Among the reasons for our recovery at all levels and fields, is our concerted efforts to confront our common enemy after describing it and confronting it with all means necessary to uproot its roots and incubators in our countries and in the entire region.

And he went on in his article that: Our common enemy is terrorism with its various faces and facades, and its takfiri approach and perverted tendencies. They are the Kharijites of the age who live on hatred, grudges and rejection of the other, falsifying heritage and the Prophet’s Sunnah and cutting the clear verses from the Book of God the Qur’an and employing them for their misguided aims that offend the values of the tolerant Islamic religion.

Al-Kazemi also indicated that the terrorists use all misleading methods to negate every aspect of tolerance and coexistence that has been enshrined in the conscience of our peoples over thousands of years of bonds of love, cooperation and mutual respect among the components of our peoples within the framework of their diversity, pluralism and unity, and among them ideals and human values spread, and enriched by the heritage of their authentic culture.


He continued by saying: We look forward to spreading the values of convergence, tolerance and goodwill among us as peoples and nations, brothers, neighbors and friends, and such cohesion would formulate an understanding of the world as it moves at an accelerating pace in the path of development and progress so that it makes us closer to realizing what raises us anxiety and the causes surrounding us Underdevelopment is at the tail of nations and the peace of human civilization.   link

General Electric announces the “energy sector transformation plan” to enable Iraq to foresee a future powered by cleaner energy sources

General Electric announced the integrated “energy sector transformation plan”, which combines its comprehensive strategies to enable Iraq to foresee a future supported by cleaner energy sources.

This plan includes a number of main pillars that support the Iraqi government’s goals to develop the infrastructure of the energy sector in the country, enhance decarbonization efforts and diversify sources of power generation to end the electricity crisis.
“We have consistently focused on supporting and developing the energy infrastructure in Iraq using comprehensive solutions, from securing financing to advanced technologies,” said Dr. Abdul Rahman Khalidi, GE Gas Power’s chief technology officer in the EMEA region.

He stressed the importance of stimulating efforts to shift towards cleaner energy systems that yield three main benefits to the country, starting from using diverse sources of energy to meet the growing demand, fulfilling decarbonization obligations by exploiting the most efficient gas and clean energy resources, to laying the foundations of a stable structure that provides safe and reliable energy and cleaner in the future.

He explained: These benefits formulate the ambitious strategy of the ‘energy sector transformation plan’ in Iraq and embody the most comprehensive approaches to the energy sector and cover all solutions that Iraq can benefit from.
He pointed out that the plan lays out a strategic set of solutions and technologies designed in a special way and supports the endeavors to decarbonize the unique energy sector in Iraq, starting from high-efficiency gas turbines and world record-holders and modernization solutions to fast and flexible air derivatives, the General Electric team can Which includes a selection of local and international experts to transform decarbonization efforts into a tangible achievement in Iraq.  link

Giving your Best is just that!  

It starts with GIVING, and it is up to YOU and followed by the BEST, which is your  actions. You can’t always control the results, but you control the efforts.  Regardless of the end results, if you know you’ve done your best, keep doing it.  

If you know you haven’t, you only cheated yourself from what could have been. 

Find contentment in the pursuit of “Giving Your Best” in all facets of your life. 

Control your thoughts, control your emotions and ordain your destiny!

If you don’t believe you will…you won’t. 

If you won’t test yourself…you will never know your score


If you never know your score…you won’t know where to improve 

If you don’t know where to improve

You can never reach your true potential       E

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