“Do Not Judge, or you too will be Judged” by Mike Haydon – 6.28.21


Entry Submitted by Mike Haydon at 12:03 AM EDT on June 28, 2021

Some “Gurus” indirectly claim that what THEY say IS “The Truth” without giving any “disclaimers”, yet criticise other “Gurus” who do give out “disclaimers” but only state what they believe to be The Truth.

Some regularly criticize other “Gurus” seemingly unaware that THEY are putting themselves forward as candidates for “Guru” status complete with their own “fawning” group of followers.

Then there are those who criticise with seemingly “logical reasoning” but with “vacuous criticism”, others who are trying with the best of their knowledge to uplift our moral in these confusing times.

Do THEY know something or HAVE the “connections” that the others do not?

There are even those who incomprehensibly return to IDC over and over again to sarcastically proclaim that we are all stupid and that there will be NO RV, GCR or NESARA/GESARA, as if this is because CNN nor the BBC have ever mentioned it and Wikipedia says it’s all a scam.

And then we have the “moaners & groaners” who even criticise The Alliance for not getting this done quick enough, seemingly uncaring of the obstacles that are being faced on a daily basis!!!

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged”…comes to mind.


I will repeat what I have said before:

“Those who are “In-This-for-the-Greater-Good”, care not who CLAIMS to “have all the answers” and/or “Insider Alliance connections.”

Those who come from the Heart, have an inner knowing that however-this-plays-out, They (WE) will have whatever is needed, at exactly the right time, to do whatever They (WE) came here to do.

There are those who “think”, there are those who “believe” and there are those who intuitively “KNOW” what They (WE) came here (“signed up”) to do at this moment in time… …When You Know You Know.

They (WE) recognise (sense) who is trying to “inspire us” and who is trying to “deceive us”.

When the time is right, They (WE) will be ready to react in whatever direction is necessary to realise the desired outcome for the Greater Good.

Faith, Trust and Patience are the “tools” we have to complete what we set our Hearts and Minds to do.


“Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.” (thanks Judy)

A profound thank you to those who are here to inspire us.

Mike Haydon


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