“A Thank you to all the Gurus” by Jai Guru Dev – 6.29.21


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 3:20 PM EDT on June 29, 2021

Why shoot the messenger? I have noticed an attack on the gurus over the past few weeks.

What is a guru in Dinar Chronicles terminology? A guru is a person who is in a position to be connected to sources that provide them with information and they pass that information on to others who do not have access to any sources.

Gurus feels the urge to uplift those less fortunate with this information. They commit energy and time to do this process. Often for no financial reward. Hours of research and cross checking, the discipline to meet deadlines, at the expense of pursuing personal leisure. Almost always to expose themselves to abuse. Yet they persist. Day in day out toiling away to bring you information Answering only to the inner voice that compels them to do so. Their motive – to bring HOPE to their planetary family. All they can do is pass on information that they have received and checked to the best of their ability. When that information does not pan out, as this process is fluid, dynamic, in a constant flux of change; they get attacked. Often, they are purposely fed misinformation, but only for a higher purpose. Believe you me they endure the brunt of that misinformation. Yet they persist.

Gurus have a Divine resilience. They persist.

To the attackers a simple thought.  Where would you be if Dinar Chronicles and other gurus shut their doors today? 

No news.

I postulate you would be driven to despair. Losing all faith in the reality of the RV, the redemption process, and GESARA. A distinct loss of all HOPE for a better future. Without HOPE you would go through a paradigm shift in your thinking. Cannon fodder for the cabal. It would not surprise me if you even became convinced that the vaccine was the best option.

HOPE is a beautiful emotion that sparks your DNA into activating the astral and mental aspects of yourself. Giving you greater access to your Higher Self and Universal Intelligence, consciousness. Giving you greater decision-making capabilities, more zest for life, more peace of mind.

To the attackers, a second thought. Who are you attacking, the selfless messenger; or your own inadequacies? 

I personally have absolute belief in the RV, redemption process, GESARA, the NEW WORLD. It resonates with every fibre of my being. There is no doubt. Yes, my ego identity does not resonate with certain gurus’ style of deliverance. But my heart does. Your style does not agree with mine, but your motive does. And motive far outweighs style of deliverance. I respect your sincerity and effort.

Although I may criticize delivery methods, I do not personally attack the integrity of the person who is providing me with information I could not have gleaned on with my own resources. More importantly, I would never attack a person who commits his time and energy to assist in the upliftment of this planet by raising ones’ consciousness with HOPE for a better future.

The gurus that are not sincere and have hidden agendas tend to fall by the wayside.

In no order of importance, I would like to thank a few for their tireless effort. Judy, Mark Z, Holly, Mel K, Charlie Ward, Nick Fleming Bruce, TNT, X22, PIR, IDC Butterfly Memes, IDC Musical Thought, Kat, Office of Proofness, Ron Giles, Gene Decode, Rod Steele …. to name a few. A special message for Sasha Stone, some claim to be chosen to be ‘God’s’ agent, you are ‘God’s’ agent.
To all the gurus, you are blessed, thank you.

To all the attackers. Shut down your bi-cameral brain and open up your heart. It will connect you to your higher mind and so much more. Don’t externalise your inadequacies on someone else. Look within and dare to believe a better future is inevitable.

Nothing would be possible without a platform to provide this necessary flow of information. A special thank you to Dinar Chronicles.

Jai Guru Dev


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