“Expect, Await, and Wait” by Stefan – 6.30.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:59 AM EDT on June 30, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

In the last article (sorry, it was very long) I explained that there are big differences between my fatherland and other countries. I don’t want to say that Germans are special in a positive sense, every people, every nation has its advantages, its traditions, its mentalities that are special.

It is only our history that makes us special in a negative sense, because how many times in the past attempts were made to destroy the Germans. There is evidence of this, and it is coming to light more and more. At least for those who want to see.

After it did not succeed now in the world war, beginning 1914, so completely to destroy Germany either or to hold at least completely down, it was tried in other way. In a much more horrible way than wars could ever manage. The Deep State insidiously and slowly turned the Germans into slaves of the world. Supposedly free and self-determined, supposedly sovereign, we were more and more taken to the curb, squeezed like lemons and lost more and more our freedoms, our rights. Hey, this also happened in other countries, but it was not done as deceitfully as in our country. Basically, Germany today is a pattern of what the Deep State had planned for the world population.

Now there are increasing signs that this will all come to an end. In many countries the patriots have the upper hand again, especially in America this can be felt, because the American people also get a very good demonstration of what Democrats actually think about their country and what they want to do. The DEMs just didn’t expect SHE would lose, now they have to make up for 4 years of Trump. This brings much more to light much faster. In Germany this is not possible because we have no real counterpart to the party uniformity. The parties we have are all aligned with different nuances, I would be happy if there were only Republicans and Democrats. Liberals, too, for my sake. In Germany, it doesn’t matter who comes to power, everything remains the same. There is no real opposition, no counterpart, everyone is in line, the world must understand that.

Real opposition is immediately stopped by those who have the power, but we had this topic in the last article. I have talked to some contacts who told me that the reason we have to wait is that the Germans are still far too well off. The pain threshold would simply not have been reached yet. And now, with the supposed relaxations, it would get worse. Vaccinated Germans get their supposed freedoms back, are allowed to go to restaurants again, are allowed to meet with friends again, are allowed to travel again, are allowed to return to their normality. I don’t see it that way. If we wait for that, we won’t have a new world next year. Waiting for German sleeping is like waiting for Godot. It won’t come. No, for most of them it will have to be painful, the ground will have to be pulled out from under their feet.

I visited friends on the weekend, already when I entered the house I was hit by such a massive wave of energy that immediately made me feel much more positive. After the (sorry) “mental patients” on the highway, I needed that too. Being in a room with nine like-minded people, that was the flash, a positive emotional flash that I would like to have more often. And that will happen when the end of the FRG is finally heralded here and also implemented. There we can take no consideration for sleep sheep who want to have their old life back. The silent mass is seized by the positive wave, who would like, joins the patriots, who does not, remains evenly on its evolutionary stage. Everyone had the same chances to wake up and get informed. If I and you could do that, so could others. They have decided differently. It’s your own fault!!!

What I expect is actually little, too often I have been, we have been disappointed with false predictions. If I hear a date, I ignore it. The RV will come when Allianz deems the time is right. By now I don’t care when it comes, I don’t care who is right with their predictions. I sense with my heart who that might be, but I keep that to myself. I only know that the RV will come. PERIOD!


I’ m waiting for completely different things, and they are becoming more and more important. Liberation of the Germans, or all oppressed peoples everywhere in the world. Destruction of the cabal, the Deep State, once and for all. There must be an end to all the misery, on whatever scale it affects the individual. So I’m expecting every day positive news in this direction, I’m awaiting that we get good news or help from some place to help ourselves. And I’m waiting to get started with my work.

First and foremost, we will have to be there for the children, as I said, sleep sheep had their chance, they carelessly missed it, preferring to fight “conspiracy theorists” and “right-wing radicals”. They can wait, they have to wait. The children and the people who have been trafficked worldwide by absolutely evil and bad people, they deserve all our help and support. And for this we will be united, “CUE” has already told us. All division will fall away, everyone will stand up together and take the victims in their arms.

Then we will have to build bridges, because the chasms that will open up will make the Grand Canyon look like a little hole. And we will all rub our eyes in amazement and disgust at who was and is involved. Especially in Germany! That’s why it’s so important that this be stopped now as soon as possible (I suspect as I write, there’s a lot going on). The military takes over in the short term to maintain order, there are certainly alliance plans for after that. Then funds come in, then our work starts. And for those who are worried about buying buildings today: Let me tell you, we will have more cabal buildings to demolish and new ones to build than we would like. Not only tunnels have to be cleaned up, but also buildings and squares, and not only in terms of energy.

I expect a lot of work, but it will be fun.
I am awaiting the starting shot, patiently and full of joyful anticipation.
I am waiting to change my work, for which I am incarnated, in the way I have predetermined.
I am exactly where I am meant to be, just like all of you!

“It’s not bad if you are a German patriot.
envious of America, is it? America has Republicans,
America has Donald Trump, America has “Q”, and so on.
America can hope!
Germans don’t even get help to help themselves.
Germany is asleep!
Take note!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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