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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 6-29-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 29TH – and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in once again all over the globe whether it’s live or on the recording replay –

Here’s the thing ….. we have some pretty good information today – that we got – now remember this is the first call we’ve had since Thursday and sometimes I get things right after the call on Thursday – sometimes on Saturday – which we did – even Sunday – yesterday – and today – so this continues to mount up – so what I’ve found and probably some of you have seen some things on line – some of which is true – and some not true – is that this concept of NESARA and GESARA –

GESARA is something that is global and it has started –  in fact – several countries – I’m thinking 22 or so countries started with GESARA last Friday – we had some confirmations  on it on Saturday and then more confirmations since then –  that this had started in Spain – Portugal and then also in Iraq – 

We bring it over and we get heavy into Latin America with Mexico – Brazil – El Salvador – and there are many other countries that have joined in with announcing – and this is the cool part I think — “announcing”  GESARA on their public TV stations  –

In other words – this is something that is NOT hidden in these countries – it is out – and about – and this is something that is NOT to be stopped – it is underway – and it’s working its way slowly to us – here in the US – I believe we have a pretty good idea of where it is and when it’s going to appear here –

So East to West – it’s moving this way – it’s already in our hemisphere in terms of South America and Central America and even Mexico – ok all of that is terrific –


Now – what we have been told is – and this is from sources in Australia – is that this is moving forward and essentially we had actually a time of it to be released in Australia which would be Wednesday – other words – Wednesday in Australia in the early evening – late afternoon hours – and that by translation comes to the U S early tomorrow morning –

Now what happens – this we are not sure of – but we know based on the bond holders and their wealth managers that we do get to speak to that they are expecting the bondholders to finally receive their emails telling them of their access to their 1% funds – 1% of their bond transaction – that they have already done – those they should release to them tomorrow – and it could be over night or it could be early morning that they get that information when they wake up –

It’s possible for us tier 4B – to also receive emails early and yet we also have one of our bank top sources indicating that we would be notified tomorrow afternoon –

So we’ve got one talking about early morning tomorrow – we have one talking about tomorrow afternoon – and we also have the concept of – ok if we’re notified – like meaning if we get the emails  and the toll free numbers that we are able distribute are out and we put those out as you know that is my plan – to put on or website – but what we’re looking at is – if that is released to us – whether morning – if we do get it early morning we possibly could set out appointments and go the same day – tomorrow –

But there is another side that if we get notified tomorrow afternoon we would set appointments only tomorrow for a start which would be Thursday July 1st  – the beginning of a  plan we believe that NESARA is supposed to take place in the US on Thursday the 1st

Now what does that look like?  What happens if NESARA is announced or starts it could be at another about the new tax system – we expect to be under – without Federal income tax – rather a consumption tax that would be tied to the state – for them to collect –

It could be and I’m thinking this possibly could have to do with the start of the USN – our new gold backed currency – the USTN or even the most recent  concept the USDC – United States Digital  Currency – so there’s that which is part of NESARA – to have a gold backed currency – not only here in the US but globally – all currencies will have certain level of assets backing them  some are gold – other precious metals – some could be precious jewels – oil – natural gas – properties –  whatever the country’s assets are  that could back up the value of their currency is going to be utilized –


So – I’m looking for some kind of revelation – now – you know how things are – any time we talk about an announcement – it never happens – or if it does it never for something we see – it’s something that’s happened sort of behind the scenes and the people that had to know about it – find out about it – I don’t know what’s going to manifest on this – but I would think we should get – realize that these other countries that have started their GESARA process – last Friday  – they’ve already been aware – made aware – of the debt forgiveness part of the debt jubilee –

So they are aware of that – now has it fully manifested in that way in those countries – I don’t think so – but I think they may be aware that it’s coming – but they’re going to be forgiven of their debts that – the interest they paid in at least here in NESARA  the interest that we paid in mortgages – car loans  – boat loans – credit  card interest –  anything that was time payment where interest was charged  you’re going to be refunded –  and this goes way back I think to the late 40”s –  mid 40’s even –

So that means all the homes that you may have bought in that period of time – all the cars financed –  all that stupid credit card debt –  that is to be refunded – the interest – NOT THE PRINCIPAL –

How does all of that take place – when does it take place – I would think we would get some inkling of that on  Thursday – between now and Thursday – we should get some kind of heads up on it –

But I would think because July 1st is the beginning of the second half of the fiscal year – or the calendar year rather  – I would think that we would get the new tax plan rolled out – and the fact that taxes may have been collected (Federal income taxes)  taken out of checks – and all of that – in my opinion – what I’m hearing is that the tax plan will be retroactive to the first of January – in which case you would be refunded those taxes from  where they may have been taken out of your check or where you paid quarterly – you should get all of that back –

So there is a lot that is going on and about to happen – I think it’s going to blow our minds and I think what’s interesting is those of us that are listening to the Big Call – those of us who have been involved in these currencies for 17+ years – but those of us that have been involved with it – we should see not only the benefit of it  ourselves – and for humanity at large with our projects but also the people that are everyday people that are not a part of what we are a part of with the currencies – they will probably still be flush with monies that are refunded to them – and there’s a few other things out there that I’m not going to mention also might be refundable to the people

So there’s a lot to look forward to and if the information that we got out of Australia  is true – we are looking very strong for tomorrow maybe as early as morning and if the information from one of our lead banks is true – then we should be looking good for notifications tomorrow afternoon –

Guess what? Either way we win – and so what we have heard  in addition to all of that  – remember we talked ablu t the stress test on the banks that was a level 4 – that was a very high level test for the bank – that the banks responded back to –  all of them were responded to earlier than was expected – like 5 hours earlier –

That was very positive – however – 3 banks or banking systems – were not basal 3 basal 4 compliant – as they should have been – as of yesterday – they had one – Bank America- not compliant yet – Bank Banking and Trust –  BB & T of North Carolina – merging with Sun Trust – they were not compliant – and neither were certain subsidiary banks under Citi Corp  – which is City Bank – certain banks  under Citi bank were not compliant

Those 3 banking institutions needed to get completely compliant by 11:30 this morning – Eastern time – Did they make it?  I do not know – I hope they all did


That was something we were watching for  in fact was something to be complete by lunch time today –  so that is a very positive thing – we had some clean up on aisle 3 – was successful – and now it’s a matter of us getting our start and Lord willing that will occur tomorrow (Wednesday)

If we get notified tomorrow that is a huge win – whether we start tomorrow or Thursday the first of July – I think is very conceivable – so we will see –

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins:   1:20:20

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