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Entry Submitted by Oilgenrl7 at 5:40 PM EDT on July 1, 2021

I’m pleased to advise that the new financial system was put into place this Wednesday. The new system is totally asset backed, as the claims are settled on the assets in the Sovereign Courts ( the asset is then monetised to create the off-ledger funds.

It is the Allodial titles, Gold, Silver etc and sub-soil mineral rights stored in Common Law Pure Trust

The assets are used to back Global Certificates, the Common Law Pure Trust is issued these Global Certificates. The Global Certificates are pledged at the New Global Settlement Bank to create off-ledger funds.

You require a Common Law Pure Trust to operate in the off-ledger system, so you also need to be a Sovereign Individual not a Citizen, you can still use your Straw Man CitizenSHIP as a vessel to open on-balance sheet bank accounts and corporations, so you can operate in the Common Law (UCC) side and also in the government regulated side.

In response to Mark’s question about Basil III:

There is now a window to bring in loads of off-ledger funds which are 100% gold/asset backed to replace the existing fiat currency deposits. This process Started on Wednesday.

I’ve been told that there is in excess of 4m tons of gold hidden in the backside system via common law pure trust. So this won’t affect the gold price or the existing banks as such. Basically banking has become legalised fraud, so all banks are insolvent all of the time if you try to use logic. It’s a CONfidence trick.

Banking regulation is like legislation, it’s total bullshit.

You either have the gold/asset or you do not.

This is why the Cabal used to control the US & NATO.

War is organised theft and it’s the gold or loan agreements that are being fought over.

Invade a country to steal the gold or steal the loan agreements, so you don’t have to pay back the gold.

ie destroy the evidence you borrowed the gold. Carl. (

About the new  ICJ-ICC  | International Court of Justice

Under our new Services Charters for the icjglobal, icj-icc, icj-cij and ipcc-icc are and interlinked network under or intracourts system






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