“LILIUM INTER SPINAS: The Lily Among Thorns” by Stefan – 7.1.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:38 AM EDT on July 1, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

“Lilium inter spinas” I heard for the first time in the movie “A Knight’s Tale“. It is said by Geoffrey Chaucer before he forges William a letter of nobility. Well, those who know the movie know that in the end William earns the title of nobility through his behavior and is knighted by the Black Prince. So it is not necessary to be born in a noble family, but it depends only on what a person does in his life. We have often heard that there are supposed to be “blue-bloods“, that is, nobles; perhaps we have also met someone from a noble family. A very crucial quote from the film is also, “How did the nobles get their titles? They took it!”. Most importantly, though, William puts one foot in front of the other and rearranges his stars. Just as an aside, could Heath Ledger still be alive, too?

Geoffrey Chaucer was an English poet and author, also called the father of English poetry. He lived from 1340-1400 and is buried in London, Westminster Abbey. Well, he was certainly a lily among thorns, because, as it is also shown in the film, poetry was certainly not a profitable trade.

This quote “LILIUM INTER SPINAS” has been on my mind for the last two days or so and I have a theory as to why that is. You will recall that Ron Giles, in his many articles over the past weeks and months, keeps referring to the humanitarians and how important they are to the building of the new world. I’m sure the Alliance has been looking for the “lilies” for a very long time to give them the financial ability to do good for our world. I suspect there just aren’t enough lilies yet, and that’s why we don’t have the RV yet. I have gathered many contacts, met really great people, especially great project ideas. But I also notice that many are afraid to think big. The indoctrinated lack that we have all had firmly installed in us for decades/centuries keeps coming out. While this is understandable, now is not the time for this. We really need to try to get out of the scarcity mindset right now. We have to get used to ones with a lot of zeros.

All the daily reports about exchange rates, exchange procedures and exchange locations want to keep us away from this and limit us. The sums, i.e. the amounts of money that the alliance will make available to us are utopian. It’s hard to imagine, I admit, but even if I’m hard to imagine, I still try not to limit myself or be limited. Imagine you get a new job, the new boss wants to pay you 5000 dollars every month, yes, even has that firmly budgeted. You, however, tell him that 2500 dollars is enough for you. You don’t dare to demand more, you don’t even dare to ask for more. That’s stupid, isn’t it? And so it is with the RV. I am convinced that there will be no fixed rate for the ZIM, nor for any other currency. Who should set it? Who has the authority to set any rates if Allianz wants to allocate enough money to rebuild?

Personally, I have changed. For months I also believed all the news, thought small, planned and worked out small projects. My currencies were sufficient for that. Of course, I also thought about myself, that’s perfectly legitimate. But at some point it “clicked” and I realized what was about to happen. We are going into a new world and we can’t estimate what will be needed in terms of money as a result of the release of new technologies. And it would be really fatal to ask for a small rate or a rate suggested by gurus and then realize that it was much too little, that it was not enough. No, I am firmly convinced that we will not have fixed rates, that we will certainly not exchange into banks, certainly not Wells Fargo or HSBC, and that there will be no one to enter codes for the RV to start. The alliance determines the start time and nobody else. But that is my personal opinion.

Nor do I believe that there is anyone in the military who has been leaking information to private citizens for months without being held accountable. In the military, there is command and obedience, and also a higher secrecy structure. And when someone “spills the beans”, i.e. reveals information that is secret, this also has consequences for that person. And as we can all notice almost every day, this information is actually worth nothing, because not much has happened so far. Therefore, check your sources, it is better! Or examine! Examine also me! Even if I only say or write my opinion.

I believe that we, also without project, exchange in redemption centers or in agencies. There will be representatives of the alliance who will “check” us and our currencies, who will talk to us to find out whether we really have a heart and want to do good for people. And yes, even if I only want to provide for myself and my family, and maybe relatives and acquaintances, that is already a project. Even that is not thinking small, on the contrary, it includes more people than just me alone. So even those who have only currencies have all the possibilities. Because they can and should apply for the installments so that they can get the funds they need for it. So currency holders can also plan and implement small and big projects. Always remember the family. Family will be the basis for our future social structures. The destruction of the family has come to an end. Soon, very soon, you will see it!

I also have among my contacts some ZIM holders who want to do their own projects and will certainly not apply for a high conversion rate. I understand this all too well, it’s called modesty. You don’t want to apply for more than you need. But is that the right thing to do when you haven’t exhausted all your options? Ron Giles has spoken and written here many times about his LWS. I am sure that even the Alliance had a hand in coming up with this concept, because I have yet to see a project that can get people out of shortages in such an ingenious way. So everyone who has ZIM in his possession should really take a look at the programs. And if he can’t or doesn’t want to take care of the processing, the “work” himself, he can delegate that. There will certainly be an area in the new financial services centers that will work with the LWS. There will also be foundations or the like where people can participate.

Any interviewer at the exchange centers will understand when you say there, “I’d like to exchange these ZIM bills here 1:1 for my project XY, and the rest please 1:500,000 because I’d like to participate in the LWS with that.” I think they are just waiting for the exchangers to say something like that. Can you imagine the disappointment if this does not happen?

If you really don’t want to participate in the LWS programs, but you want to promote new technologies or such gigantic projects as desert greening, deconstruction of industrial plants, renaturalization, and so on, then also apply for the high rate for your ZIM. Nobody knows now what new technologies will be given to us for free and what we will have to pay for. No one knows the exact cost of the productions of the new patents. Even if everything can be produced with replicators, it will still consume resources, don’t you think?

How fatal it would be if we can’t exploit everything that is given to us. Therefore, go inside yourself, look inside yourself, check what you want to do with your new wealth. Forget about I and ME, get used to a WE and OUR already now. Please all try to be a lily among thorns, LILIUM INTER SPINAS, no matter what you plan and come up with. Be the ones you have been waiting for. It will release such an enormous amount of money, you won’t have to think only of yourselves, you could put yourselves at the back and still have more than you can imagine now. If you can’t or won’t grasp this, learn it! The time of thorns is over, the time of elbow thinking is over, the time of all divisions is over! There is no more “He-has-but-more-than-me!”. Everyone has enough for a long, long life without lack.

And those who have already created a structure for themselves with their RSS program, who have made sure that they already know now how much their future download will be: BEAUTIFUL! I welcome that! Because the higher your download per minute is, the more people are enjoying RSS and that’s the good thing I see. You yourselves will realize, very quickly, that you don’t have all that money to spend and no one else wants it either. Because everybody has enough. No one in the world will admire you because you have more. On the contrary, they will wonder what you have not understood. Money is energy, this energy will be used for positive things in the future and everything that is left over can be given away. Especially in the first years.

Be, whatever you choose, LILIUM INTER SPINAS, be the lilies among the thorns. Apply for high exchange rates and do good with them for others. Giving is more blessed than taking, you will soon realize that. Say goodbye to selfishness, it is a dying trait. If it is for others, for the world, for humanity, no one will limit you in financial means or judge you if you apply for maximum rates. Alliance is waiting for lilies!!!

“How can I expect to accomplish great things,
if I continue to think small?”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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