“NESARA Debt Forgiveness: Interest Only or Entire Debt? A Checklist” by David Little – 7.1.21


Entry Submitted by David Little at 10:08 AM EDT on July 1, 2021

I have kept up with Judy Byington’s posts on the Restored Republic for three years, every post, every day. I won’t pretend to understand the RV  since I have nothing to exchange. The Dissolution of the Rothschild’s Central Bank, the bankruptcy of U.S.A. Inc. and its impact on our debts is of my primary concern. I understand the Executive Orders that return stolen money to the people VIA asset forfeiture of Traitors and Human Trafficking, but the debt forgiveness of various credit and lending institutions is unclear. Just yesterday Mary posted the list of twenty of what NESARA will accomplish. I understand outstanding revolving (VISA) debts will be forgiven, as well as auto loans, existing mortgages with balance due and Student loans. Clear enough. This is standard bankruptcy. But I just read yesterday also that interest on mortgages going back to the 1940’s will be refunded. What other past loans will have the interest refunded? Are active debt-consolidation loans made outside a Central bank be forgiven, or the interest paid on loans already satisfied be refunded? To make this simple for the benefit of all, I have a numbered checklist below of other types of debts I have and had, and I invite anyone with more detailed knowledge  to clarify ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as appropriate by number. They involve closed or satisfied past loans or accounts, and non-central-bank institutions.

1. Active (with outstanding balance) Investor-backed, rather than Central Bank, lender personal loans (such as LendingTree) – entire Debt forgiven?

2.  Closed (paid-in-full) Investor-backed, rather than Central Bank, lender personal loans (such as LendingTree) that have been paid off in full- interest refunded?

3. Active Personal Loans through other Financial institutions (One Main Financial, which appears to not be a revolving credit account, investor-backed lending Institution or Central Bank institution such as Chase or Wells-Fargo. This is a debt consolidation loan. Will this be forgiven?

4. FORCLOSED Home Mortgages- I understand interest from past mortgages paid-in-full  may be refunded. We did a deed-in-lieu foreclosure ten years ago because the home inspector claimed the home had copper wiring when in fact it was aluminum, which has caused many homes to burn down as the soft metal expands with heat, shorting out outlets and causing fires. Knowing this would have made the home ineligible for a mortgage by the lender and thus a fraudulent loan. We paid for six years until a fire broke out and the wiring discovered to be aluminum. They took back the deed and called it evens. Will the interest on the mortgages paid before the foreclosure be refunded?

5. Current Auto loans with an outstanding balance I know are a Yes for forgiveness. Will the interest already paid on past loans CLOSED or refinanced from a prior vehicle (“We’ll pay off your current auto loan if you trade it in and buy a new car here!”)  be refunded?

6. Revolving credit cards with an outstanding balance I know are a yes for forgiveness. Are credit card accounts paid in full and CLOSED (I paid off my highest balance credit card and closed the account with the One Main Financial debt consolidation loan) eligible for interest-paid refund?

If Gesara is being implemented worldwide as we speak, surely there are specific eligibilities and ineligibilities in regards to this aspect of Nesara. Thank you for you the attention, and responses I anticipate. I don’t expect anyone to go through the entire list completely, but please, share what you do know and together we can understand GESARA/NESARA in better detail.

David S. Little
Florida, U.S.A.


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