“Oh! How Shocking…” by NESARA Seeker – 7.1.21


Entry Submitted by NESARA Seeker at 9:31 PM EDT on July 1, 2021

OH! How shocking…

It is now Thursday, July 1, 2021, in the evening, as I send this message, and the last month, or so, since my last message has been much less “interesting” than one would’ve anticipated – IF the “Intel Reports” were to be believed that is…

Still no Email Notifications to visit the Safelink Website…  Still no 800#s… The White House has NOT been “stormed by the military”, nor has ANY KIND of a False Flag of that flavor happened – “Group X storming the White House”, at least not anywhere I’ve seen – and I would imagine they would want something like THAT to be VERY PUBLIC!  Also, NESARA, which requires a public announcement, has not been activated anywhere I’ve seen.

Did I somehow miss it?

OH!  And EVEN BETTER… Places like Iraq, Spain, Mexico and El Salvador are getting GESARA and related announcements on their media, along with firsthand accounts of debt forgiveness – but here in the U.S., CRICKETS, other than excuses, and more of the Mushroom Treatment!

We continue to be assured NOT TO WORRY when the “hard deadlines” and dates get blown through, AGAIN AND AGAIN (after saying EVERYTHING IS READY TO GO, for the umpteenth time)… What is the point of a “hard deadline” if it’s ignored?  Was it even real?  What are the various “Intel Providers” looking at that makes them put out these things – that so frequently don’t happen?  Are these “Military Intel Contacts” in the treacherous General Milley’s chain of command?  I’m sorry, but at this point I cannot help but to wonder about these things!

CLEARLY, MUCH OF IT was subterfuge, which is unsurprising at this stage.  Whose consumption was it meant for?  Was it more hopium, or a ruse for the Bad Guys?  Will We the People find out before it’s too late?

Annnnnd NOW, the “Intel Sources” are “drying up”, or are allegedly being told to “remain quiet” for “security purposes”…

Operational Security?  Or convenient – especially as things are appearing to unravel on MANY FRONTS….

Time will tell…

The PROBLEM with ALL OF IT is….

How are we to know FOR SURE what’s REALLY HAPPENING?  We can bet “the media” won’t cover something helpful to the Alliance AND the vast majority of the “news articles” put out as “fact”, such as those found on Real Raw News, are as equally devoid of named sources, photos or videos as the New York Times or MSDNC!  Yes, they are chock full of juicy, tantalizing details, but WHERE ARE THE SOURCES AND EVIDENCE?  How are we to know they’re not simply more hopium put out for our pacification?  Whether they are true, or not, THEY CANNOT BE SHARED in their current form by ANYONE who takes their research and sources SERIOUSLY!  It’s hard enough to prove most of this stuff as it is, in this climate of Fake News and Arrogant Liberals – sourceless “news articles” don’t help.

Also, we’re hearing reports of REAL CITIZEN JOURNALISTS, attempting to document what’s REALLY GOING ON in D.C., being “disappeared” by our own troops!  No, that’s not POTENTIALLY shady, not in the slightest – and we’ve NEVER seen that before in history in other countries that slid, ever so slowly, ever so stealthily, into Socialism, which INVARIABLY leads to Communism…

Just like we’re NOT seeing Space Force Commanders get fired for exposing the fact that Marxists have infiltrated our government and military as they push Critical Race Theory, and it’s “cleverly” renamed variants, on our troops and government employees.  WHY are we tolerating Marxists, and their Socialist/Communist claptrap, in our country anyway?  Marxism is Societal Cancer and has resulted in misery and death EVERYWHERE it’s been tried!

Things seem to be moving along quite nicely – depending on whom you ask and what your objectives are!

Nah, nothing to see there… but, I digress…

Well, now it’s the beginning of July, and we’re still left wondering what’s really going on!  I don’t wish to appear impatient, and I get the need for subterfuge in war, especially in an Information War, I REALLY DO, but… NOW WHAT??  Where does the “show” go from here?  What are we REALLY and TRULY waiting for?  Are we REALLY waiting for the completion of AT LEAST the AZ Election Audit, as Trump ALLEGEDLY wants, while the Military ALLEGEDLY doesn’t want to wait for that?  As another option, are we waiting for the countries that announced GESARA to get pissed at the “Biden Administration” for delaying the announcement here and attempt to expose it in some way, which may result in a hit to our Stock Market in some way?  WHATEVER they are waiting/looking for, it seems they FULLY INTEND to TOTALLY STRING US ALONG with all kinds of fantastical, yet BOGUS, tales of their “struggles against the Deep State” and “efforts to work the kinks out” until then, despite some “Intel Reports” indicating EVERYTHING is ready to go, NOW (and has been since 2014) – and regardless of the death and suffering endured by We the People until they decide to pull the trigger .

OR, is it ALL an ELABORATE RUSE?  Only The Alliance and GOD knows FOR SURE, but at least, time will tell…

I hate to say this, I REALLY DO, but AT THIS POINT, with EVERYTHING that’s happened – and NOT, EVERYTHING put out as “Intel” that fell flat and EVERYTHING we see going on that we can PROVE – regardless of your media sources …

Every day that passes under the lawless “Biden Administration”, essentially, LEAVING US TO THE WOLVES FOR ALL WE REALLY KNOW, and with each bogus story & date (along with escape routes built in) that gets blown through like so much air, the credibility of EVERYONE involved in this endeavor – from the “Intel Creators” (especially the “Intel Creators”, for they are the ones pulling the strings in whatever direction they are TRULY pulling them) to the “Intel Providers” (who are potentially being snookered like we are, IF they’re not complicit), from the top to the bottom and from the shadows to the public – becomes more and more STRAINED, to put it kindly, if they ever had any credibility in the first place.  It’s ironic that we’ve made fun of “the media” and Liberals for all these years and their “don’t believe your lying eyes” approach to journalism and facts, when we’ve been the victims of the SAME THING all along.

We may need to invent a new word for whatever is worse than threadbare…

PERFECT EXAMPLE:  Charlie Ward vs Juan O’ Savin.  These two are ALLEGEDLY Big Insiders in Trump/Alliance World, BUT they can’t seem to get their stories to jive on two PRETTY IMPORTANT components of all of this?  One is definitely more perplexing than the other:

1) Whether or not arrests and tribunals are ACTUALLY HAPPENING?
2) Whether or not the GCR/RV and NESARA are real?

I get the need for compartmentalization, I REALLY DO, so I can accept that Juan O’ Savin MAY NOT KNOW about the GCR/RV and NESARA, nor need to if he didn’t already, BUT he REALLY has NO CLUE about the arrests and tribunals that are ALLEGEDLY happening, EVEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE?  REALLY?  Or is it that the arrests and tribunals ARE NOT really happening as Charlie Ward claims?  From what I’ve observed, neither is alone in their claims – so, which is it?  Are the Bad Guys getting arrested and perhaps tried in the White House or not?  Never mind the fact that he was WAY OFF about the beginning of April, like Charlie Ward.  Not that any of that stopped O’Savin from arrogantly declaring the GCR/RV and NESARA is essentially a Fairy Tale.  I’m sure THAT ONE went over REALLY WELL in Dinar Land!

At THIS point, after EVERYTHING that’s happened, and NOT, I am forced to wonder if they even care about their reputations and credibility!  IF it is all a RUSE, I imagine they wouldn’t care about their reputations or credibility – in that scenario, we would just be the “the Little People”, after all.  We SHOULD BE kept in the dark until it’s too late.  Which COULD explain all the “stories” that stretch the limits of believability and blown through dates (along with escape routes built in), and Citizen Journalists being “disappeared” by our own troops…

I am sorry if this offends anyone, I TRULY AM, but AT THIS POINT, with EVERYTHING that has transpired – and NOT, you’ll forgive me if I grow more skeptical with each passing day and each “Intel Report” that falls flat, especially when disclaimers regarding blown through dates always seems to accompany them…

The PUSH was on to get it all finalized… Finally (or was everything already ready to go)?

OR is it, in fact, shoveling… ANOTHER LOAD OF #&*% (Hog Wash), DRESSED UP AS HOPIUM designed to pacify us until the REAL PLAN is completed and it’s TOO LATE for the Little People?

Time will tell…

Other explanations for the unforced errors we’ve seen of this scope and duration become less likely with each passing day…

On a side note, I must say, it is VERY INTERESTING to see that APPARENTLY things have been “safe enough” these last few months for the Big Timer’s and “whales” (an “interesting” group to be sure: sovereigns, the ultra-rich and connected, along with government and military types) to exchange their bonds and currencies, but not for us “Little People”.  Very interesting indeed!  They MUST have some sort of magical protection on their bank accounts that protects them from theft as they’re able to access 1-2% of what MUST be BILLIONS, if not TRILLIONS, of dollars – AT A MINIMUM (and they’re buying up entire neighborhoods with it – seems they’re setting themselves up to be our new Overlords)!  1% of 1 billion is 10 million, and I would assume most of them have WAY MORE than a paltry $1 Billion in their accounts.  Clearly, I don’t know what anyone here has as it relates to bonds and currencies, if any, but I’m QUITE SURE most of you would be THRILLED to have access to 1-2% of it at this point while we wait for things to be “safer” to access the other 99%.

All I know is, it’s maddening and disheartening to see good people, with the BEST INTENTIONS for ALL HUMANITY, being strung along and played for fools and chumps – by their own government and military – but DON’T YOU DARE lie to them!  YOU/WE go to jail for lying to the government, even as politicians and agents of the government effortlessly lie with impunity for YEARS in Congressional Hearings and in front of the “media” for public consumption, to push a narrative.

Another interesting quote from an “Intel Update” recently:

“He agreed with Mr Fleming’s source, the international Attorney paymaster that

. .”The US Gov’t has held up the GCR/RV since the Obama years. The World Court has imposed daily monetary penalties against the US Gov’t until T4B is done. EVERYTHING has been completed for T4B to happen. Yet the Gov’t continues its procrastination and playing its political games with excuses. I do not know why you haven’t gone crazy by now.”

. ..He said he knows it’s been making all of us crazy FOR A LONG TIME, BUT AND IT’S A BIG BUT, it has taken all this time for Trump and the interim military govt to take down the Rockefeller-Rothschild Deep State agents & organizations including the Deep State agency bureaucrats & politicians who have been part of holding this blessed RV/GCR back”


Soooo… We know the government doesn’t have its own money – that would be OUR TAX DOLLARS!  Who is responsible to pay those penalties?  The American Tax Payer – who is essentially being held hostage by all of this?  Those penalties SHOULD be assessed to the ones HOLDING THIS UP, PERSONALLY – this is THEIR DOING!

What about the 4 YEARS of the Trump Administration – BEFORE the Military Interim Government was even in existence – or needed?  WHAT was stopping the rollout of the GCR/RV and NESARA during the 4 YEARS of the Trump Administration?  Allegedly, they were prepared to do a coup against Obama, which would’ve been “interesting”, to say the least, so WHY the games under Trump?  Why not come in like gangbusters with the authorities of the President, when they had them (like his supporters WANTED) – especially when they claim to “Have It All”?  Because an acknowledged as illegitimate traitor “President” pardoned himself and his komrades?  WHO CARES?  HE WAS ILLEGITIMATE, REMEMBER?    HIS SIGNATURE ISN’T WORTH THE INK IT”S COMPRISED OF!  IT CANNOT BE BOTH WAYS! Obama CANNOT be an illegitimate President AND have his signature on ANYTHING mean ANYTHING!  Also, there would’ve been no “Game of Thrones: Real World Edition” to expose the pedovores as part of the Great Awakening – what then?  Something doesn’t add up here! 

OH NO!  Instead of using their vested powers and accumulated data (you know, what they would’ve used to justify their coup) to arrest the ENTIRE LOT OF THEM within moments of Trump’s hand coming off that Bible on Inauguration Day, WHICH IS WHAT WE PAY THEM TO DO, they were too busy playing Game of Thrones: Real World Edition with the Deep State, the Democrats and their Media Lackeys, ostensibly for the purposes of waking the sleepers (Read: Get the “Bad Guys” to expose themselves, so they don’t have to be), as they PURPOSEFULLY brought traitors into the Administration, thus allowing them to obfuscate and procrastinate. 

But SURE, at THIS POINT, IT IS A MYSTERY why “the Little People” are beginning to question a few things…

Seriously?  Have ya looked around?  The “weather report” says it’s all clear skies and sunny… MEANWHILE, there’s a SH*T BLIZZARD outside – and it gets worse by the day!

At least it was nice to see someone else acknowledge that procrastination and political games HAVE BEEN afoot!

The BIG QUESTION now is: Are they STILL being played?  It would CERTAINLY SEEM SO given EVERYTHING that has transpired and NOT…

Time will tell…

Where do we go from here?  I have no way of knowing at the moment, but what I DO KNOW is:

As time goes by, the “stories” from ALL sectors will continue to unravel more quickly, and the “reasons and rationales” will become less and less believable as they stray further and further from the reality on the ground…

What then?  You decide…

I have waited patiently for over 15 YEARS, through ALL the twists and turns, before sending my first message, and waited over a month to send this one.  I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt and allow things to play out – or not…  I have followed The Alliance’s efforts enthusiastically and prayed incessantly for their safety and success during all that time.  Were those prayers misplaced, at least at some point, say… after 2014?  I hate to think that, but it would SEEM so IF things have TRULY been ready to go since 2014, and they’re just playing politics and exposure games now.  What do they need our ongoing prayers for if they’re just playing games?  The more I see, the more I think we should be praying for OURSELVES, ONLY (we may need it), and let the “players” say their own prayers.

I am sorry if this offends anyone, I TRULY AM, but AT THIS POINT, with EVERYTHING that has transpired – and NOT, and with each “Intel Report” that falls flat – especially when escape routes are built in, and with sources drying up for whatever reason, you’ll forgive me if I grow more and more skeptical with each passing day that the “Biden Administration” is in power.  I hope you’ll forgive me if I wonder whether something else is afoot.  Put yourselves in our shoes for just a moment – with EVERYTHING that’s happened, and NOT, and with everything we DO SEE that we can PROVE, what do you expect us, the LOYAL MAJORITY, to think?  After all, this TRULY IS about WAY MORE than JUST money – this is about the survival of our civilization in a form we’ll actually accept!

I’m just over here hoping and praying everything IS on the level, because the alternative is rather terrifying!



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