“Reports Coming in” – Short Evening MarkZ Intel Stream Update 7-1-21


Short MarkZ Thursday Evening Stream Notes by PDK  7-1-2021


MZ: Getting a lot of interesting news…….not sure what it all means…..

MZ: They have moved most appointments that were scheduled today until Monday but they are to be on call for anytime this weekend including tomorrow.

MZ: I am still getting reports of debt forgiveness, reset of credit ratings from El Salvadore, Eastern Block countries …more reports coming in…we shared many articles the last few days.

MZ: I am hearing that bonds have indeed started in some areas of the world.  It seems that if any contact that has anything to do with America is being pushed to the tail end of the line.  I don’t know why yet.

MZ: We are seeing non-US countries pegging to the Yuan . We knew back in the beginning that this was the plan to force the US. If they did not get on board they would crash the petro dollar and would go around the US. CIPS instead of SWIFT. They would allow the US currency to crash. Not sure if that’s what they are doing but its moving quickly.

MZ: I am waiting for any moment to get that call that things have occurred. I am receiving more and more reports from historic bond holders who have received actual funds. If this is indeed a fact- it is huge news. Based on the source I think its happening.

MZ: The word is Mum here in the US.

Isaac today: Hello , I have very positive news German bonds and dragons 1 % payments should start between tomorrow and Tuesday

Member:  It was always said that it starts in Asia, then Europe, then USA

MZ: I heard it would start on a Australia banking day and moving from the east to the west……when it happens I will be right back here wearing that Golden Egg shirt and letting you all know.

Member:  Mark, do you see anyway they can kick this can another 3, 6 or 12 months?

Member:  How do you people not understand the can isn’t being kicked it’s actually under way right now just because it isn’t the way you thought it was doesn’t mean it’s not happening

MZ: I think the Chinese elders through debt forgiveness that we are seeing roll out in El Salvadore and the Eastern bloc countries ….so at this point…no…I do not think they will be able to kick the can any further….the cat’s out of the bag.

Source: Dinar Recaps


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