The Atlantis Report: Why 15 Million Americans Remain on Government Dole Despite Labor Shortage


The Atlantis Report
Premiered Jul 1, 2021

Everything inflating in price except the price of labor.

The economy is in freefall. Only exponential printing of the currency can temporarily stall the inevitable disinflationary collapse that is coming.

More than 9 million jobs sit unfilled in the U.S., and a record number of workers are quitting.

Almost 15 Million Americans Remain On Government Dole.

15 Million are on the dole because they can. And they’ll stay on the dole as long as the gravy train keeps coming.

It used to be 15 million out of work, and oil at $75 a barrel would mean we are heading into a recession.

Except the real number is around 60 million plus!! So…NOW what??

It means we are deep into an implosion.

Amid a record number of job openings, Americans are taking their time looking for work, with only about 10% of job seekers actively searching for a new gig.

So why unemployed Americans aren’t looking for work? The answer is quite simple. Government pays them more money to sit home doing nothing until the checks run out!

Biden handing out record amounts of cash to people to stay home despite record numbers of jobs available. I see anecdotal examples all around me. We’re talking about human nature for people who have little if any self discipline. Get up early every day and go to work for pay ;OR stay home watch TV, play computer games, hang out with friends and let the government checks roll in. We know what’s happening.

So the US lost 20 million jobs due to the pandemic, but they claim there are now 19 million job openings. Yet there are still 15 million people on some form of state unemployment.

They are unemployed because they want to keep receiving money from the government and sit at home doing nothing.

Forever…it can never end. We are toast. Stimmy checks and money printing to infinity. Hyper-inflation and then a deflationary depression. The pandemic finished off this debt-ridden consumption nation.

The problem is that way too many people in this country have no skin in the game. They don’t care. They pay the bills they need to, so that it doesn’t interrupt their life and meets their needs and wants. Many of them have nothing to lose. That is not to say that all poorer people are that way. Quitting or collecting unemployment is not an option to many americans . But it is to plenty of others – because they have nothing or not much to lose.

The billionaires are continually on the taxpayer dole.

Subsidizing planes, yachts, stadiums, carried interest, stock buybacks…..

Every single major corporation in America is subsidized by the taxpayer, every one corporate welfare queens and over weight debtors every where I look.

Not to mention that the trillions of stimulus indirectly ended up in their hands. Giving people money to buy sail phones from Apple is a stimulus to Apple.


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