“The Big Picture” by Michael Smith – 7.1.21



Entry Submitted by Michael Smith at 9:02 AM EDT on July 1, 2021

What happens if you give a person such an enormous amount of money. What does that actually do? 

The first thing is all the mind activity of chasing, planning and survival dissipates. Next the entire character developed to chase, plan and survive also dissolves. The illusion of separation goes away. 

“Life is hard” A me vs life story goes away. 

Ask anyone on the street who they are and you will get an answer involving their career. “ I am a nurse, a teacher, a carpenter, etc.. “ Now give that person a life where money is not even needed. Will they continue to be these things? Will that character they play still be on the mind? Will the mind move from outer worries of chasing money to pay bills,  to a place of finally taking a breath and finding their own Peace? Who will they be now? Imagine the exhale and does the exhale land upon what has always been there waiting… Truth. 

The RV, and NESARA/GESARA is a tool to the open home that has always been there. This tool is the key to us returning to our true state of being. Thus, the battle of many not wanting us to awaken to this. 

We are not our jobs, our careers, not our chase of paying car payments. We are GODS literally. We are an unbounded love, illuminating all that is, as all that is… is divine presence. 

15 years ago, I had something happen that only poetry could ever explain. I dropped and opened into some amazing, a dimension of grace and peace that threads through and is everything. 

I see the RV as this shift to bring us away from mind, illusions of separation and back to the open home that we have never left. If it takes a trillion dollars in your possession, then so be it. 

While waiting, know you are there, this will help in all future actions once the RV takes place. You will then be offering all as an expression from your illuminated truth. 

No matter what movie plays, the screen is never touched or changed.



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