Dinarland Highlights for July 1, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.1.21


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We are sure seeing some crazy things on dinar…At the bank yesterday the rate was showing at about .68 cents…not even a 1 to 1 yet. But this is still an enormous change in value… This still could be testing or place holders or priming the system…but I take this as a very good sign. We will just watch it until the real rate locks in. 

…I have been told there are 2 different camps …one camp is hearing July 1st….and the other is hearing July 5th…My folks have no intention of leaving from where they area at. They are very hopeful this will be the weekend…..I am very hopeful this is our weekend. They are buckled in for what they hope is the inevitability  of it going over the weekend. There is a huge push in Iraq for them to be international by the 15th of July which is their independence day. There is a big push going on as we speak.

Getting a lot of interesting news…not sure what it all means…They have moved most appointments that were scheduled today until Monday but they are to be on call for anytime this weekend including tomorrow…I am waiting for any moment to get that call that things have occurred.

[Mark, do you see anyway they can kick this can another 3, 6 or 12 months?]

...at this point…no…I do not think they will be able to kick the can any further…the cat’s out of the bag.


Frank26 (KTFA)

The currency is about to go on a float… we told you they were going to explain step-by-step-by-step-by-step…In the last 8 days do you realize how much information has been told to the Iraqi citizens?…they are working on the exchange rate.  It’s all about the implementation of the exchange rate of the new currency [what we call the new small category notes] now…IMO it sure looks like it’s here…


Petra (KTFA)

[It looks like they are about to make an announcement – that’s the way you feel right?]

Absolutely, yeah.  They’re talking about holding contracts and these contracts are going to be paid in dinars.  International contracts paid in dinars – What does that mean?  It means they have to have the reinstatement of the rate… quote:  ‘the new contracts are based on the new exchange rate,’ is one of the comments in the articles.



The currency itself is not a scam.  The investment is not a scam.  There are individual out there who use the currency to commit fraud against other individuals.  That’s the scam.  Is there going to be an RI or an RV? It’s possible.  We’ve heard many many different things telling us that it’s real and it will happen.  I’m saying it’s possible…

so you guys feel good about your investment but also limit your risk…don’t go out there and go all willy-nilly buying millions and millions and millions of dinars.  Me, I only have 5 million.  I set goals…that’s it…the IQD is not a scam.  We know it’s not.  It’s the probability of an RI or an RV that we’re actually betting on...there’s no guarantees.  I feel confident in the dinar that’s why I talk about it. That’s why I have it…holding onto your dinar is the right decision



We have a new day dawning! The news is today, July 1st starts our new world with our new banking!

…We have heard so many times this is it to only be disappointed. From all the news from the multitude of sources this is a different time and place we are in now...It’s always been about safety and security…the security in place has made this safe now for us to exchange. The world is ready and needs this to propel forward. We can not wait any longer. We are in the optimal place and all risk assessments have been completed…


Mountain Goat

items that I especially deem as important and useful to moving Iraq ahead and getting us the reinstatement and thus going to the bank to exchange our dinar at a significant increase in value…One of these events this week was what I can categorize as amazing news.


This was news of the beginning phases of the implementation of 64 projects from the “White Paper”…this is amazing news since now they are actually going to tackle implementing these projects… Finally! …one of these reforms is the project to delete the zeros and…this project leads us to the reinstatement of the dinar. This is when we go to the bank…Yes, they seem to be moving ahead.

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