The Atlantis Report: The Markets Entering the Euphoria Stage


The Atlantis Report
Premiered Jul 2, 2021

All markets closed positive again. Who could have guessed it in a Federal Reserve rigged asset bubble in stocks. END THE FED. 28 plus trillion in debt slavery.

Eight trillion on the FED’s balance sheet.

FED is making FANG Companies and Rich people very Rich.

While wiping out the middle class. And it has a stated goal of making sure prices rise (inflation) so that you have to pay more for the same goods. The FED is a CRIMINAL private bank.

120 Billion per month feeding the US markets for the next 6 months and then trouble times will start!

FED says UP and it goes up. Big numbers mean nothing (debt, balance sheet, inflation, valuations, etc.). The economy is welfare and the stock market.

The stock market has become an extension of the Federal Reserve Bank. Every dip or minor correction has rewarded those who bought the dip. There is little to no fear as traders realize that the Fed won’t raise rates or stop buying Treasuries. The Fed has created a bubble in equities and real estate, and they do not care about the long-term consequences.


Inflation is pushing the price of oil to the moon.

Gas up 100%. Food up 50%. Lumber up 300%. Stock market up 300%.Plastics, PVC on the way up.

Tesla recalling 285,000 cars , and its stock is up and so is GME and Bitcoin, tells you the state of the markets nowadays.

The housing market it’s about to get really messy with the end of the rent moratorium in late July.

The Fed’s war on America continues. Rates at zero, let inflation run hot, destroy savings, forcing Ma & Pa to keep working at the dirt factory just to keep cat food on the table.

The S&P’s daily new record high is about as relevant as the term strong dollar.

Markets are never allowed to go down anymore….until they do. FED is creating the biggest asset bubble in US history.

The United States government is to borrow $3 trillion this year to meet its obligations according to the Congressional Budget Office CBO.


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