“The Electromagnetic Egg” by GK – 7.2.21


Entry Submitted by GK at 1:13 AM EDT on July 2, 2021

To most of us, the great reset is about health and prosperity for those who have gotten gypped out of such for 90 years…

To others, we might call satanists, it’s about depopulation and a reset of their vampiric gluttony.

Luciferians seem to think they are the good guys and Christians are in their way.


The video I spent the last week producing is about these subjects and more. I learned some new things in the process and some of those things may be game changers to use a baseball term.

I hit 3 home runs in my little league career. One in T-ball. Bob Ross, hit a home run off the Tee, every single time he came to bat. He was the reason we won every game by 20 runs and won the championship. I figure he sold his soul to the T-ball Gods. And I am not kidding. He was the Barry Bonds of 8 year olds.

In the intermediate league I cracked one so far over the left fielder’s head I was standing at home before they even tracked the ball down. That was that magical spot on the bat where the thickness of the barrel meets the pitched ball and magic happens.  I hit an average of 600 that year, 18 for 30. but only had the one home run.

I hit my third  home run in my first year in the Pony League.  I fouled off about 12 pitches in a row then CRACK. That sweet spot that blessed my life only twice. The following year when I was 14 and in love with the game, I ran into a train and shattered my elbow and my shin. Baseball over, turning point.

There are a few times when the Gods have been there for me in the performance arts. That too is rare, when one kills on the comedy stage or a theatrical performance.  Perfect execution of mind body and an almost out of body experience.

Probably my most consistent triumphs have been pen to paper. Words dictated by the Gods. Not my brilliance but something outside of me.

When it comes to music or video, these are crafts that never quite satisfy like the sweet spot of the bat. But this video feels pretty good. Like the Gods want it to be good. They seem to be leading me to the ideas.

Here is part 1 of the Electromagnetic Egg.

When reality collides with time, space, myth and other people’s influences as if to say, it is about time we collaborate on truth.

Two minutes to Midnight? To some sort of life altering event?

If understanding where we live is life altering, it appears we have been playing the game all wrong.


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