“Alliance Handpicks New Rules/Meek Slaves for Another 1000 Years” by Bob L – 7.3.21


Entry Submitted by Bob L at 11:16 PM EDT on July 3, 2021

Happy 4th Of July.

Alliance Refused Paymasters to Release even 1 penny to Any Single Public person and “Fireworks” once again a 100% complete Dud.  Once again, they are blowing “Shotgun” smoke up our Rear Ends and lied to the entire universe for the 10,000th time…  When does a Lie reveal itself as a Real Lie?   

But… If you read all the posts, you see “Alliance” (if its at all real) Paymasters released Whale Multi-Trillion dollars to the top richest elites, most powerful political tied families, Fortune 10,000 businesses fully controlling our worlds, and everyone else…Yet, ZERO for the bottom 99% of the slave public around the world.

Yet you and me, the Tier 4B and Public are the world’s worst criminal enemies.  Don’t you find it “Normal” that a so called “Fair” Shotgun release, already funded all the top Tier 1-4A, amounting to Multi-Trillions of dollars?  Of course, the rich and powerful WILL 100% FULLY CONTROL our next human phase, and everyone reading this, as their slaves.  Prove me wrong.

Don’t any of you see the “Alliance” already “Hand Picked” our future Kings and Queens?  How can that be if the earth is suppose to be all equal humans?  So can anyone in the “Alliance”, if their is actually one, why you fully funded Multi-Trillions to the old worlds criminally elite power, over the Meek?  How does anyone actually believe the Alliance, since the new Kings and Queens, us “Meeks”, poorest and slaves pre-plandemic, were suppose to rise up?  Lie now isn’t it?

So the Alliance fully fund the children of the criminal Kings, Queens, Top Fortune 10,000, Rothschild, Astor, Bezo’s, Gates Criminal family children, who were all hand selected, given and received all their money laundered riches, by their criminal mothers and fathers, before the “Meek” poor slaves; whom they stolen every penny from them, and pass on their money and power into our next phase?  Please…  No one is suppose to know this now are we?

If anyone looks and reads, as long as these “children” and family members were not “Convicted” in child sex crimes and crimes against Humanity, they are ALL ALLOWED to pass on their money and power, and keep every penny their criminally ties families were involved, and the Alliance given them all the benefits of their criminally tied families and businesses, who trafficked underage children…  Did you all catch that?

So Alliance, explain why you allowed and favored this criminally tied families children and family members, were given “Whale” payments BEFORE Tier 4B and the Slave Public Tier 5?  So “Alliance” explain to us slaves who these businesses and families made all their wealth on underage child sex trafficking and their crimes, why they were allowed to keep every penny their criminal parents or grandparents, were involved.  Didn’t they “money launder” their criminal wealth, to their very own children, which looks like “Clean” money, but it is in fact, it was all given to them as their profits in their underage sexual involvement?

So if a rich person, made 10 million in underage sex trafficking for 30 years, and 20 years ago, gave 5 million to their children or business, did the so called (fake) Alliance take that money, since it was gained by the criminal act of their parents, who trafficked underage children?  Or as it clearly shows by this fake “Shotgun” release, these children get to keep their parents crime money and power elite that family had.

So the “Meek”, us poor and slaves, who these families profitted from, and then given to their children and grandchildren to “Wash” and “money launder” these criminal funds, are once again placed over its very victims they criminally stolen and abused over the decades? 

For example, how many criminally tied Rothschild’s family, children, grandchildren, families get to keep the money that was involved Crimes Against Humanity for say 75 years?  So is the Alliance taking back all their money laundered, to the children and businesses, or are they only taking back actual properities and bank accounts in their name?  So clearly, the Alliance shows here, they are only going after all bank accounts and business, who only have the criminal family members name.  How many criminals are the stupid to keep every penny in their name only, and not money launder it into their childrens name? 

So these powerful and rich elite families, got away with money laundering, and their criminal family bloodlines control over our planet passed off to their next generation, as planned.  Give them another generation, and they will all once again be our rulers, over our next generation.

So with the Alliance already paying out all other Top Tiers funds, and the bottom Tiers will once again stay being slaves into our next future.  All the same bloodlines, those Kings, Queens, Rothschilds, Gates, etc, will all keep their status of power, over the masses.  Doesn’t anyone else see it?

See how this is no actual “Fair” and “Honest” shotgun release, and you were not suppose to connect the dot’s?  The rich already got paid and they worked down Tier by Tier, in order of importance, and rich and powerful.   So how does the “Meek Inheret The Earth”?  Impossible now isn’t it?  Unless you marry into the already funded bloodline, who will rule the earth as their new fresh playground…

I never seen 1 shred of evidence that the fake Alliance ever arrested anyone.  Notice – not a single story and the supposed 100s arrested?  How can one believe in a system, where not 1 thing stated, in 10,000+ have proven to be real?  Yet its always anytime, and this or that is used as a excuse.  Why don’t the Alliance, take 1 and try them with evidence as a Traitor?  Are the excuses actually real and not 1 shred of evidence ever?

So my point is that these top funded already Tiers, rich and powerful elites, get “Favored” over everyone.  See it?  How can this be Fair?  The poorest can not be elevated.

Why don’t the Shotgun release all happened at the same time around the world?  How is “East to West” a shotgun equal to everyone on the planet? 

Why to those families convicted with Crimes Against Humanity allowed their children to keep their criminal gained money by their parents, grandparents, etc?  Weren’t they all gained and given to them connected to a crime?  So when does any Crime Against Humanity and their monies have a time limit on when it was given, and who?  So since their parents “Money Laundered” their illegal criminal gained monies, also be taken?  If not, the Alliance is NOT going after this “Money Laundering” and their families continue to hold their power and status as elites, who fully control our new world?  See how transfer of criminal crimes and their gained money gets transferred to their future generations, so they can continue their extermination and crimes?  You see, crimes just are not 2 or 3 years, but many families like the Rothschild’s are multi-generational crimes, and enabled them to fully control our world? 

So its OK say a grandchild of a Rothschild, who inhertied $100 Million 20 years ago, off the back of their criminal grandpa, gets to keep it?  Isn’t it criminal money and I feel it needs to be taken away.  If the so called Alliance does not take it back, see how this criminally earned money, gets Money Laundered, to the children, and their family just continues it crimes, and continue to live in the life of luxgury, of this blood money that was money laundered to them?

My point it that the “Meek”, us slaves and poor in worthless Tier 4B & 5, and our future generations, will continue in this world as slaves, of the lowest class.

By the so called Alliance, which their is not a shred of evidence exists, The Meek shall inherit the Earth”, yet the Meek are the last to get funded, and have no chance at getting any honest chance at any 100,000 Top Forture company. 

As the “Meek” are dying of starvation around the world, the Alliance decided to fully fund the already rich, powerful elites, and then use their power, money and influence to keep the lower Tiers unfunded.  The longer they can keep funds from lower Tiers, each day the Whale top Tiers position themselves stronger and stronger, to keep their power, and keep the lower 99% of the world population down. 


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