“Practice to Receive and Outflow Great Wealth” by Namaste – 7.3.21


Entry Submitted by Namaste at 1:44 AM EDT on July 3, 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

Perhaps some of you need to hear this.

Perhaps some of you are so frustrated with the conflicting intel from this and that guru, you finally need to hear this.

It was spoken to me in my reflections tonight. And it was gently suggested that I share it out.

The wealth you wait for has no politics.

The wealth you wait for has no leader.

The wealth you wait for has no messiah.

The wealth you wait for … is waiting for YOU …

And if you are obsessed with politics,

With a leader,

With a messiah,

The wealth you wait for cannot enter your life.

You have locked the gates yourself, with insistent thought that all must be done in such and such a manner, only by politician so and so, only when x has become law and y has been imprisoned.

These are the walls you build and fortify against the arrival of the wealth you wait for.

Think of the story of the Good Samaritan.

The people who passed by the injured man in the street had all the right reasons to ignore the suffering before them.

“Not my kin.” “Not my tribe.” “Not my faith.” “Not my economic class.” “Probably drunk or high or voted the wrong way last election.”

Did the traveler from Samaria, who was an outsider himself, let any of those rational, socio-political, economic reasons influence his response? His compassion? His faith in action to relieve suffering?

He did not.

And so his unconditional generosity towards the injured man became Yashua’s example of his teaching, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

It was the Buddha who began his great teaching by saying simply, “All beings are suffering.”

He continued, “There are causes to suffering. There is an end to suffering. There is a path to the end of suffering.”

You don’t have to become a Buddhist, now. But if you have been waiting to use the great wealth to relieve suffering, waiting so long that you are suffering yourself,

perhaps you can try this.

For just a few minutes, become quiet, and allow your obsessions with current events to disappear.

Feel the great wealth as a cosmic presence, waiting, ready.

Feel the world’s suffering as another presence – no names, no pictures, no scenarios or blame, nothing that builds cages and judgments around the feeling.

Feel yourself in between – as a neutral vessel resting between what suffers, and what can relieve suffering; what needs, and what can fulfill need; the starveling world, and the wealth waiting to enter.

Breathe calmly and deeply.

Say these words quietly:

In hand, in heart,

In thought, word, and deed,

I receive the great wealth

That has no creed,

And I outflow it joyfully

To all those in need.

Breathe and repeat the words, once or many times.

Allow the great wealth to flow into you, into your heart, and then flow outward from your hands, face, heart, body, throat, brow, towards the world’s suffering.

Put no conditions or plan upon how the wealth enters you. No conditions or plan on who the great wealth reaches in the world.

I have found great peace in this practice. Perhaps you will, too.

Perhaps it will clear space in our lives, and more importantly in our hearts, for the universal wealth we have been waiting for to finally arrive.



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