“RV Date, my Sources Say” by ubiety – 7.2.21


Entry Submitted by ubiety at 1:05 PM EDT on July 2, 2021

There will be no RV as we have had described to us for many years.  It will not occur tomorrow or “by Tuesday”.  It will not occur next week.  

I am an anti-guru.  I am not “anti-RV”, I am “honest RV”.   Check my accuracy against the popular gurus and their always hedged, always wrong pseudo intel and predictions.  I join with the very thoughtful poster here on this blog going by the handle of “NESARA Seeker” – I’m simply a little less gentle. 

Why “be here” or post at all, you might ask.  Fair enough.  The answer is that I am, to the extent of my resources, a truth seeker.  Not for clever or noble sounding labeling, but as an actual corollary to a deep-seated hate for lying.  According to Merriam-Webster, a lie is “to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive” or “to create a false or misleading impression”.  With any measure of intellectual honesty, can anyone say that is NOT the sum total of the last 5 to 10 years of “guru intel and updates”?  Thus, I encourage clear thinking and honest common sense.

What does that mean for the average “dinarian”?  Initially, it means only to reflect with clear critical thinking on the quality and reliability of what we are collectively fed here.  It matters not whether the posting party is well intentioned, deluded, confused, or just naively over-hopeful.  These shortcomings are no excuse for relaying manifestly failed so-called intel – repeatedly for years.  Wouldn’t we seriously reconsider a “source” of our own which had proved itself wrong for hundreds of attempts at real information?

Be courageously honest with your thoughts about this pretend “intel”.  Check it against history.  Check it against your gut.  Check it against 2 weeks ago!  Let’s retain honest hope, but let’s abandon the childish suckling from perhaps well-meaning but utterly failed information sources.  What hope does that leave?  We know the US currency reserve status is sunsetting.  That historically assures us of a massive global shift in economic power.  We know (or believe, perhaps) that not all global economic major powers are bent on destroying us – even if only to maintain us as a “customer” product buying base.  We know there is significant international pressure to bring sovereign currencies closer to parity in order to lighten the burden of impoverished countries and to dial back the power and influence of countries like the US.  All these offer hope for a net positive change in the currency realm WITH TIME.  But, not on the timeline of false “imminence”.

In years past, I have post on this blog.  Patrick is good enough to allow my seemingly “contrarian” posts from time to time, and without many being filtered.  Thank you, Patrick.  However, my voice has been drowned out by the endless promises of tomorrow and next Tuesday.  You know who better analyzed the circumstances.  Now, I present to you another “prediction”, and I repeat my words above:  There will be no RV as we have had described to us for many years.  It will not occur tomorrow or “by Tuesday”.  It will not occur next week.  

As always, I would be delighted to be wrong.  You will see that I am not.  And, it disappoints me to know how many of you will ignore that outcome and my invitation to honest hope – history repeats.

My friends, be and stay “grounded”, which according to Merriam-Webster, means being “mentally and emotionally stable; admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious.”  Life has a way of pressuring us to take the time-wasting and deceptive way of fantasy instead.  Be careful and think.

I am,



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