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Samson » July 3rd, 2021

10 Missiles found in Baghdad that were intended to target US headquarters

2nd July, 2021

Media reported, on Friday, that 10 missiles were found in Baghdad, which were intended to target US headquarters.

Russia today stated that Iraqi forces found 10 Grad missiles that were intended to target US headquarters in Baghdad.

She added, that the missiles were found in the Jihad neighborhood adjacent to Baghdad International Airport, and information indicates that they were directed at Camp Victoria, where US forces are present inside the airport.   LINK

Vatican .. Charges against 10 people, including a cardinal

3rd July, 2021

Saturday, a judge in the Vatican ordered the trial of 10 people, including an Italian cardinal, for alleged financial crimes including embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, extortion and abuse of office.


The accused include Cardinal Angelo Piccio, who was sacked by Pope Francis last year, former heads of the Vatican’s financial intelligence unit, and two Italian mediators involved in the Vatican’s purchase of a luxury building in London.

According to “Reuters”, Pope Francis personally approved the judge’s decision to indict the Italian cardinal in accordance with the law of the Church in the Vatican.   LINK

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Samson » July 3rd, 2021

Al-Kazemi’s advisor : The government cancels borrowing and deposits the deficit

3rd July, 2021

Today, Saturday, Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, announced that the country has passed the stage of deficit and the need for loans.


Saleh said in a press statement, “The deficit, which was estimated at 29 trillion dinars, or about two billion dollars, in the current year’s budget, which was built on the assumption that the price of a barrel of oil is $ 45 has become a thing of the past, and the budget now does not need to borrow in the current fiscal year.” Because oil revenues have become worth more than what was planned.”

He added that “the cash revenues for the budget of the next six months, if they continue in this high form, what is allocated for borrowing will be only a theoretical case, with the exception of loans linked to international financing funds for the purposes of implementing some projects, from which withdrawals are being made and do not in all cases exceed 3 billion. dollars”.

Saleh explained that “any financial surpluses achieved until the end of the year will be carried forward as cash revenues for the fiscal year 2022, and are considered as an opening balance for the next year’s budget,” noting that “debts payable over many years, their amounts will be allocated as annual debt installments in the budget.”

Basra Light oil, exported to Asia, recorded $75.51 a barrel, and Basra Heavy crude rose to $71.03 a barrel, as light crude recorded the highest prices compared to other crudes of the OPEC countries. LINK

Ross » July 3rd, 2021

Shame on you Iraq when it is in your power to alleviate these conditions with an increase in PP (purchasing power)  for all your citizens.

Samson » July 3rd, 2021

The luxury of officials provokes Iraqis digging up piles of rubbish to cover their bodies and fill their hunger

As soon as the garbage truck arrives, men, women and children rush to a landfill, looking for plastic containers to sell, clothes to wear, or even leftover food to quench their hunger.

Iraqis are used to watching children, women and youth searching in rubbish and landfills for their livelihood under the conditions in Iraq. Austerity measures are not applied to citizens and officials alike, but rather selectively and duplicitously.


The obelisk monitored scenes from YouTube videos and photos on social media, about the luxury of office officials, and their convoys with shaded, refrigerated cars, where citizens compare their suffering with the luxury of the official.

The adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said that the poverty rate in the country reached 30 percent of the total population. This percentage indicates a very large increase in the number of poor people. 

Unofficial statistics indicate that the number of beggars has reached 100,000 people, roaming the streets and roads, and this comes amid fears that the phenomenon will turn into a profession to earn money. The phenomenon of begging has become a popular profession for many in Iraq, and almost no intersection is without beggars and their children.    LINK

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MilitiaMan » July 3rd, 2021

The world Customs Organization it about to help jump start the re construction effort in Iraq. This meeting was on 07/01/2021. The first day of the third quarter of the year.

Why may that be important? Well, the day before was the last day to close the books on the second quarter and the first half of the year. The meeting was held on a declared holiday for that day. Which was the last Thursday of the month.

So with that being said, it sure looks like the excuse of heat for the holiday may not be the whole truth. If it was so hot, then why have this meeting on this day, why not wait until it cools off? lol..

My take is they have a schedule and that schedule is revolving around many things and one of them is the mechanism which will be used at the borders… 

Look at the partners that work directly with the World Customs Organization:: The World Trade Organization  (WTO) is in the line up. The level of expertise that is working to launch Iraq in the International World Stage is staggering and they have every intention to seeing it workout.


As they know full well the powder keg of money that will explode in doing so, is massive. They have Iraq’s pockets to line from all those taxes, tariffs, fees, etc, to support their new exchange rate, imo..

The money from the borders is said to be equal to or exceed that of the countries oil revenues. So, it is quite obvious the (REER) real effective exchange rate at which will be implemented, is needed to be applied when clearing trade.

These organizations make money too. imo. So they have a very clear agenda to make sure things roll smoothly.. imo 

This meeting on 07/1/2021 is a very key event. It is not the only one that is and has taken place either. The lead up to events we see now has been well placed and open for all to see if they watch close enough.

The education required to bring this forth has been and on going process for years, now months, weeks and now daily.. 

But, to keep in more close to home. The UST and the G-7 have openly  stated they have “Achieved Global Reform”. Well that statement means a lot to me in that they UST is all about money and finance, etc.. The G7 has been in the mix with Global Reform.

Well the White Papers that are being implemented are a bpart of the Global Reform that we are witnessing. It includes 200+- Central Banks.

Prior to the statement on global reform there were meetings with 200 central bankers in respect to digital currency and compliance. Just shortly after that there was another meeting with 300 Bankers representing the world and the G20 in respect to the Arab Digital Transformation.

 It too was about Clearing Digital Currency in the region. In fact the BUNA system was a part of that. Again the BUNA is in the news with a similar amount of officials involved.  Take note the same days as the World Customs Organization met..

There are no coincidences. It is blatantly obvious this is a massive push to the implementation of the  new system coming to the world.


It is block chain oriented and that is not going to change. Being prepared is exactly what they have been doing.

Prime Minister Kahdimi has openly stated he has begun implementing Economic Reforms and Monetary Reforms. What we are seeing is his ability to get trust from the world to finish the project to delete the zeros and go into a market economy.

The private sector is where Iraq will begin a new, as we will too!! 

Frank and WS, myself, Petra, Samson, Don961, Pompey Peter, etc, all have talked about the have not deviated from the project. It is fully under way and there are ample writings on it.

There is good and bad, the bad is a joke and shouldn’t be even entertained in ones thought process.. The UST, the World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, IMF, AMF, UN, EU, are all in on this.

They didn’t do all this to go international at a program rate of 1460QD/USD.. That is not the plan. The plan as stated and explained is to increase the purchase power for the citizens.

That said we know that Iraq going into a market economy will benefit them and us, just as the market economy will support the exchange rate and will create  revenue streams out side of oil. A necessary need for success!

This is not all about Iraq, it is stated from Iraq they know they are working to help  support the  global reform and Iraq and Iraq all along the way. All boats rise with the tide.. oh ya! 

Lastly, this bit here from the Kurds is very telling. They have not be given the latest “ADVANCE”. Why? They can’t be given it as it is illegal to. They need the rate just as they WTO, WCO, etc, do..

The country is ready to issue the new currency. Electronic or digital currency cards have and are being issued and may have been completed now.. imo. So, lets see what the cat drags in prior to Forex.. Will it usher in fireworks? We shall see. imo . ~ MM


Al-Rafidain: The distribution of “MasterCard” cards to defense personnel in two governorates has been completed.

“Kurdish bloc: The Minister of Finance refused to sign the advance of the region..and the reason revealed.” “The bloc’s spokesman, Bakhtiar Shaways, said in a press statement, “The federal government wants to send 200 billion dinars in the form of an advance to the region,” noting that “the Minister of Finance refused to sign the decision on the pretext that it would be subject to legal accountability.””

“He promised, “The white paper has won international respect and from international
financial institutions, and it will work to save Iraq within five years.” ~ PM Kahdimi

Al-Obaidi: “The decision to raise zeros is sterile and will crush the poor” (lol)

“Counselor Mazhar Saleh: The statements that attacked our clarification on currency zeros… are politicized and unprofessional”

“Economists call for the issuance of a new Iraqi currency”

“Economists called for issuing a new currency for Iraq and linking it to a basket of currenciesto maintain the stability of its exchange rate, without the need to remove zeros from the current Iraqi dinar. The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed today, Sunday, that the Central Bank of Iraq has developed a project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency in order to reform the cash payments system, pointing out that the implementation of the project needs two conditions, the first is price stability and global economic growth, and the second is appropriate stability in Political life.”…..tions.aspx

” The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) holds today, Thursday July 1st, 2021, a special workshop to propagate additional knowledge on Buna, the cross-border and multi-currency payment system owned by the AMF, covering various elements related to Buna activities and future plans.”



Discussions between the Minister of Finance and the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization

2nd July, 2021

On Friday, Finance Minister Ali Abdel Amir Allawi discussed with the Secretary-General of the International Customs Organization the development of the work of Iraqi customs

And the ministry stated in a statement, which was reviewed by “Economy News”, that “on the sidelines of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s tour of the European Union, and with the aim of strengthening the bonds of cooperation between Iraq and the international community, Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi met yesterday, Thursday 7/1/2021, with the Secretary-General of the Organization International Customs Kunio Mikuriya

The statement added that “during the meeting, they discussed ways and mechanisms to raise the level of cooperation between the International Customs Organization and Iraqi customs

The statement indicated that “the minister reviewed, during the meeting, plans to develop customs work in Iraq according to the latest programs and efforts made in order to keep pace with the latest findings of global customs regulations, which recently resulted in Iraq signing a contract for the (ASYCUDA) system for automating customs work with the United Nations Organization for Trade and Development

Mikuriya praised “Finance Minister Allawi’s vision and efforts related to developing and reforming the customs system in Iraq, similar to the rest of the developed countries

Source: Dinar Recaps


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