“Hey Doubt, What’s up?” by Stefan – 7.4.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:47 AM EDT on July 4, 2021

“Welcome back, old boy, there you are! Honestly, I had already missed you. You just missed Faith, he left just before you came. But you two will never sit together at my table, will you? You don’t get along, do you?

Yeah, doubt, now tell me, what’s up? Why are you here again? Not that I don’t like having you with me, but somehow I prefer faith. You’re so stubborn sometimes. OK, OK, get over it. All right, you say it’s important that you keep coming back? Why? Isn’t it better to believe strongly in something and then have it happen? The primal trust has told me this over and over again. How important it is, especially when it comes to the future, to believe in the good, the beautiful, the best. Isn’t that right, you say? You are important too? Much more important even? Yes, I completely agree with you about certain things. How often do “proofs” come in here, people put forward theses that they sell as truth, in the truest sense. Yes, I really agree with you. In the last weeks and months, it is not wrong to have you with us.

One should always question everything, this is a MUST for an enlightened person, for someone who informs himself as broadly as possible, you are absolutely right. With you at my side I have become what I am. But something else: Are there also people with whom you can’t just walk in and out? Really, there are? They don’t even open the door for you? That is a strong stuff, unbelievable. They must be very stable people, aren’t they? Faith has found a permanent home there. Why are you shaking your head now? Ignorance lives with them? Firmly and permanently? Well, no wonder you can’t get in there. It’s a pity, but I see it myself every day, so you’re not telling anything new. The media have a big part in it and also this creeping process. If all this had happened overnight, everyone would have noticed it and you would have had the upper hand everywhere. Today, most of my fellow human beings don’t see the elephant in the living room.

Tell me, Doubt, is it possible that you work closely with Waiting? You are buddies, aren’t you? Because I’ve noticed that the longer the wait, the stronger you become. That’s a very effective cooperation with you guys. Quite admirable. Waiting has a room with me, it’s been with me for a very long time. It’s practically already part of the family, and not only with me. With everyone I know and have met. ……….. Hey, wait a minute, the doorbell rang. A visitor is coming.

Well, you won’t believe it, it’s good old hope and she’s brought some more proves. Well, we’ll have a lot to talk about now, won’t we? Doesn’t suit you? And you don’t want to leave either? Well, I can’t help you there, I like to have hope with me, it’s always so positive. And the proofs are always in a good mood. At least in the beginning. Tell me, doubt, what do you think of all the predictions about the RV, about the GCR, about NESARA? We have some proof sitting here just today that tells us of military contacts, of intelligence from Iraq, from 28 countries that have implemented GESARA.

Are they not correct? Yes, wait a minute, there is evidence here, isn’t there? We always read HAD, COULD, and WOULD, but that could be translation-related, or it is a special way of expressing the insiders? You doubt? Really now? Doubt doubts, how blatant is that? But tell me why, please! Because none of the Intel’s predictions have come true so far? But that’s no argument, they are all so nice and so serious about it. So professional with shows, coffee and good music. Maybe not everything is right with their sources. But they can’t do anything about that, they keep us hoping, and that’s great! Yes, yes, I know it now, you do not believe it, I have understood it. Your proofs are also conclusive, I admit, we also have such a fairy tale uncle in Germany. The ones here in America at least don’t take money from the ignorant or try to get people’s currencies with false promises.

Tell me, is there anything you don’t doubt? Wait, I withdraw the question, doubt doubts everything. Hey, and related to the current world, that’s important. If it wasn’t for you years ago, I wouldn’t even be here, I’d be sitting on the couch watching soccer, drinking beer, and continuing to slave away for other people. Yes, and once a year on vacation, always to the same country, there you know at least what you have. So I have to thank you too!

But you know what, new visitors have just arrived, and you won’t like them. Maybe you should move on. Who are they? Well, they heard that hope is with me and they thought they could help me further, so to speak with united forces. The trust and the faith. They met, faith told me that you were hanging around me again and they joined forces to make me feel more positive. They like you and they accept you, but they think you sometimes overdo it. Just because you’re right about a lot of things in this world doesn’t mean you have to dispute everything. So, doubt, I thank you for your visit, take care!”

Whether it’s “Nesara-Seeker’s” post, “ubiety’s” post, or even our own assessment of the daily Intel news, we can’t avoid having doubts. And, welcome to the club, we are not the only people there. Everyone doubts something, some more, some less. The dormant doubt everything that dissenters say. The silent masses doubt the mainstream and the patriots doubt the plan, especially when the waiting time seems to become almost endless. Much has been done and cleaned up, behind the scenes. And those who want to see, want to hear, and want to understand notice.

Many so-called truther take advantage of the doubts of newly awakened people and direct them into a dead end, this has really become a fashion at the moment. I wish the Alliance would slowly get to a point where it could really show solid evidence. I wish it would finally put THE finger on the first domino and knock it over. After all, the victims are getting more and more every day, as Cinemo Galactic also wrote. On one side children and trafficked people are freed, on the other side people die from the vaccines or take other damage from the dark governments that unfortunately still exist.

Also, the alliance has not heard my call for help, the call for some power, visible, tangible and actionable power. I don’t want any great help from outside at all, we Germans can really help ourselves alone. But every tactic so far, every strategy, every attempt, every effort fails because the power is on the other side, on the dark side. And it has more to do with child and human trafficking than most people even realize. What has reached the top so far is not even the tip of an iceberg. But it continues to be allowed to happen. As I said, here 100 children are saved, there 200 new ones disappear, or just suffer.

When behind the scenes the last DUMBs are cleaned up, blown up or flooded,
when behind the scenes the last child, the last adult has been saved,
when, behind the scenes, the last DS criminal has been arrested,
when, behind the scenes, the military has successfully fought across the globe,

then you will come into the spotlight on stage and notice that there will be only a few German patriots in the audience. Stupidly done, isn’t it?

“Patience is a virtue, but for this virtue
you need a very long breath at this time!”

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you had time for me again!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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