“When will the RV and GESARA be Given?” by AMRV – 7.4.21


Entry Submitted by AMRV at 7:53 AM EDT on July 4, 2021

Everyone at intel dinar has an intelligence report, some with information that they only collect from others, or that they invent to be able to finance their maintenance while VR comes out and gesara is implemented.  

The truth in them I do not believe.  However, there are others that obviously have up-to-date information, and they supply it in a way that keeps their readers attentive to the “movie”.  Those of us who are obviously in business and “maybe” have first-hand information know that the process is quite time consuming, and that we are surely too close, but it is not mentally healthy to inform those who are in need, anxious and desperate to receive your payment false information, because with more than 6 years in this process those of us who are actually in the business receive a newsletter and / or direct information from our table.  Every day I read that some Gurus say “this week, we are on the edge of the chair, this is the weekend, he sat down”, and the disappointment for many is great when nothing happens.  

Lately I read that several countries reported by official GESARA media including Colombia, which is absolutely FALSE.  I’ll give you my humble opinion, and an “intelligence” report. 

Indeed we are close, and no one knows the exact moment of the RV, many arrests are happening, indeed, they have already happened, of great political figures and businessmen, at the US and world level.  

They were tried and the vast majority eliminated, others will pay a sentence until they die.  There is a lot of technology coming that they have hidden from us and it will be seen in the coming years, they are already assessing assets in various places, but NO one has been paid, the whales will receive OUR Money, because we are the ones who have the assets, they will take that 80 % for humanitarian projects, we will too. 

But we will be supervised by the US Treasury, the IMF, and other global entities.  Which will continue to be cleaned (is not the corrupt entity, if not those who handle them), is there Intervention of the superior brothers?  (EVIDENTLY, They only need to look at the inscriptions on the gold in guns to see the cuniform language, which does not belong to a known language and certifies their support of the debt.).

Does the QFS exist?  Of course, and those who know about the business, will confirm that it has been in testing for more than six years, and that until about 2 years ago the Gurus talked about the subject … some of us already knew of its existence, and its implementation (you are in the business Are you a fork?

You should have known about the QFS so you didn’t know its name or its technology ..). 

Does the alliance exist?  It is a resounding YES, and as it is a military operation EVERYTHING is absolutely planned to the millimeter.  

Trump is a very important figure, and he plays a leading role, we will see him as president again.

Biden will have in a short time to announce new elections once the theft of the elections becomes evident.  There are three option. 

1. sucw this year with richer or

2. They expect the other states to audit. 

3. All states must audit.  This is not yet clear and will happen according to plan, and as it unfolds.  Obviously, after this, 120 days will be taken for new elections and surely there will come the beginning of the implementation of GESARA.  Not before. 

It will not be overnight, because the implementation of a new world takes time, and people will wake up little by little to that new reality (even seeing what happens, there will be many asleep). 

Do medical beds exist?  Of course, its technology is more than 20 years old and is only used by the elites, this is not yet for the rest of the world.  

We all wait for an exact date for the RV, and the final question is when? .. Let me finish with my answer according to my knowledge and a true source of intelligence. 

They will never give the exact date, we can only wait, but I can tell you with certainty that we will only know the day and time that happens.  NO before .. 

And the day this happens those of us who have assets will NOT be able to report.

I respect all the Gurus and their information (the vast majority are truthful, but outside the timeline that we manage) if Patrick allows me, I will continue to publish, only what I can.  A big hug and never forget “TRUST THE PLAN” WHERE ONE GOES WE ALL GO “



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