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Osmosis » July 5th, 2021

Iraq smiles at its arts while the world laughs at its currency rate…………….IMO

Samson » July 5th, 2021

Al-Kazemi to Nima: We care about culture and art, as it is the smiling face of Iraq

07/05/2021 18:28:11

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed his interest in culture and art, as it is the smiling face of Iraq.

A statement by Al-Kazemi’s office said, “Al-Furat News” received a copy of it today, that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will receive the artist Hussein Nima, and confirms the government’s interest in sponsoring culture and arts, as it is the smiling face of Iraq before the world.”  LINK


Samson » July 5th, 2021

Parliamentary Economy: Two steps will prevent the theft of about 4 billion dollars annually in Iraq

5th July, 2021

On Monday, a member of the Economy Committee in the House of Representatives, Nada Shaker, revealed two steps that can be implemented at the border crossings that will ensure that revenues reach the state treasury without being stolen.

Shaker said in a press interview, The Economic Committee provided many solutions and treatments for the government in order to control the revenues of the border crossings,” noting that “the percentage of lost revenue that goes to the pockets of the corrupt is estimated annually at more than 4 billion dollars.”

She added that “among those proposals is the automation of outlets through a unified electronic system, as well as working to change the mechanisms used by the authority, because it facilitates the work of the corrupt and continues to steal public money.”

She explained that “complete control of the border crossings will ensure the arrival of more than 7 billion dollars annually to the state treasury, and perhaps much more than this number.”  LINK


MilitiaMan » July 5th, 2021

“among those proposals is the automation of outlets through a unified electronic system, as well as working to change the mechanisms used by the authority, because it facilitates the work of the corrupt and continues to steal public money.”

There you have the two steps needed to support the value of the currency. Imo The border revenues  activated electronically with the mechanism (new exchange rate, new currency issued.) will do it.

It has been said that the revenues from the borders will surpass their oil revenues. No wonder they want a sovereign wealth fund! They even today say the call for July payments for salaries were to have been paid and it turns out they were not.. why?

They may very well need the new electronic digital currency they have been talking about first. They told us that the plan was to implement the 2021 budget yesterday and there is also a plan to pay the contractors at the port of Faw to get the work to advanced levels or stages within three days. That was yesterday..

The Kurds haven’t been allocated their “advances” either.. The things that point to the new exchange rate to come and fix the woes that make us all go hmmm…

Clearly they need to expose the new rate and how they are to usher it in. I can’t imagine the international port that is to be one of the largest in the world will start in earnest with being paid in a non internationally accepted and tradable currency!! 

The key is about to unlock the door to internationalism!

Kahdimi is home and still hammering out the regional trading partners from the looks of it. All that and include the meetings with the World Customs Organization we can see that the interconnection with a new digitized system is just about upon us.

Even the IMFs SDR is to be a digital SDR! Times have changed.. imo It is going to be a powerful week ahead! The signs are and have been heavenly lately.. Meteoric even!!— MM


Samson » July 5th, 2021

Al-Rasheed launches a new meal from the predecessors of the Ministry of Defense and Interior, employees and retirees

07/05/2021 19:10:37

Al-Rasheed Bank announced the launch of a new meal from the predecessors of the Ministry of Defense and Interior, employees, as well as retirees.

And the media office of the bank called, in a statement, which the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of today, “all beneficiaries who receive text messagesto review the bank’s branches or electronic payment offices to receive the amount.”

He added that work is continuing to raise the amounts in the balances of those registered on the advances through the bank’s own application.   LINK

MilitiaMan » July 5th, 2021

Think about the timing of this. Text messaging the citizens to come in an get payments electronically. Are they to get the amounts in new digital currency? New small category notes? Instantaneously they all get notification. Sounds like what we have been told in the past would happen.. It is like an Amber Alert.. I like it. The timing is perfect. imo ~ MM

The Central Bank of Egypt reveals the fact that dealing with some categories of paper money has been canceled

And Eng. Khaled Farouk, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Printing House, had said in a statement to “Masrawy” website earlier, that the bank intends to start implementing the issuance of the first plastic currency denomination of 10 pounds and made of “polymer” with the opening of the cash house printing house in The new administrative capital. Ended 29/A87  LINK


Even Egypt is going to polymers at the same time as Iraq. They are openly doing trade deals with the region and the globe.. There is no coincidences  anymore, imo.. The region is opening up and to the world with Iraq. The regional community with reconciliation too. It is all coming together now.. If the links below don’t have an impact on you then there is a problem in houston.. lol

The bottom two have what I have been talking about lately.. They even now talk about a MONETARY RESET!!! A DIGITAL SDR!!!! The new digital transformation is upon us. the BUNA again had a meeting with 200 officals. It is a clearing platform, a digitized one.. Better be ready.. There is no going back now imo. With the highest of high, talking about a monetary reset, is out of this world.. imo lol Oh ya!!! ~ MM

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) has been building a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS).

It’s a network based on sovereignty and commerce.

This author recently outlined the primary components of the real financial reset, the details of which are behind this effort, to include documentation (proof) of its relevance and importance.”

“SDR proposals could help reset international monetary system”

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » July 5th, 2021

Parliamentary Integrity: International agreements are ineffective in recovering smuggled funds

5th July, 2021


The Integrity Committee of the House of Representatives confirmed, on Sunday, that international agreements are ineffective in recovering smuggled funds from the country, and while noting that some countries grant smugglers immunity, it confirmed that removing Iraq from the list of high-risk countries will open the door to international cooperation to recover funds.

Committee member Alia Nassif said, “There is a draft law prepared by the Presidency of the Republic entitled the Corruption Proceeds Recovery Law and it needs the international community’s cooperation with Iraq after adopting and implementing it,” according to “Conscious”.

And she added, “Removing the name of Iraq from the list of high-risk countries will allow it to take legal measures, and open the door to international cooperation to recover funds and stop smuggling operations from Iraq. The matter also depends on bilateral agreements with countries where smuggled Iraqi funds are located.” And she stressed that “some countries consider Iraq’s money as spoils and give the smugglers immunity and do not report the money smuggled to it,” noting that “Iraq is bound by the United Nations Convention against Corruption, but it is ineffective.”

And last Wednesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during his visit to Brussels, called on the European Union to form a coordination committee to remove the name of Iraq from the high-risk countries that would support the government’s efforts to fight corruption and recover and prosecute smuggled funds in European countries.   LINK

Amid darkness and a blazing summer.. Parliament sessions until further notice

5th July, 2021

Between power outages and non-potable water, Iraqis are living the worst days of their lives with rising temperatures, amid questions about Parliament’s role in these crises, and who is behind targeting energy towers, and what is their relationship to attempts to postpone the elections.

Without water or electricity, most of Iraq’s governorates live under the weight of a blazing summer. It seems that it did not sting the highest supervisory authority with its heat.. The House of Representatives did not move anything except that it rose shyly and demanded a session to discuss the bad situation, and worse than that, the demands of the demands were limited to dozens of deputies only from out of three hundred and twenty-eight deputies.

The targeting of energy towers coincides with the start of the countdown to the election date, which observers see is not a passing coincidence, but rather there are those who make a living on fabricating crises and poaching them in any way to create chaos in the street, in order to achieve what they hope for in the elections file, which is the postponement.

The energy crisis in Iraq is not born of the moment despite the billions spent, but the timing in conjunction with the approach of the election date increased insult to injury on the political class.


Parliamentary Finance reveals the allocation of 5% of the oil surplus to the Petrodollar Fund


5th July, 2021

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Monday, the allocation of 5% of the surplus oil prices specified in the budget law to the petrodollar project.

Committee member Sadiq Madloul told Shafaq News Agency, “The price of oil calculated in the general budget law is 45 dollars per barrel, but now the price of a barrel has reached 70 dollars, so 5% of the price difference has been allocated to the Petrodollar Fund project.”

He added that “the petrodollar fund is dedicated to the oil-producing governorates, and the remaining differences from the price specified in the budget law go to paying the financial deficit for the 2021 budget and the first and second borrowing for the year 2020”.

And he indicated, “The availability of financial liquidity will make us go to the supplementary budget to complete the dues allocated to the ministries and governorates according to the fiscal year.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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