“Re: Going Back to 1776” by Vee – 7.5.21


Entry Submitted by Vee at 9:11 AM EDT on July 5, 2021

“Going Back to 1776” – RV News Update from Holly 7-4-21

Holly.. Several times in your post you use – text- term “Rule of Law” . 

In your post it can be considered to be used in (a) correct meaning. Many politicians and mainstream media personalities spew this term “to adhere to the rule of law” rule of all this rule of law that… Now if I was doing a interview of one of these touter’s and they blurted out this term..I would say to them ..”well that’s vary interesting..can you please tell me and my viewer what you mean by this”. 

I’ve asked many people, even as far back to the occupied movement if they’ve heard that term and even know what it means? All say yes they’ve heard it they don’t know it’s meaning. So for most.. it’s rhetoric speaking term…go in one ear and out the other..because there’s nothing there to block it and say to themselves..humm, what does that mean? 

Now Holly..without you looking up what it means do you know what it means? Do you as well as all the SOB’s use it in it’s generic term ? 

Here’s the thing I’ve post many times in the past..If our grandparents learned and known what it was..and tought our parents and then us..we -I would not be here texting this post. 

My Dad is a minister/home land church planting..he on his own reasoning in some way decided to do this..packed us ( the family) up and moved us all over the place. Here’s the thing..he called himself.. He was not called for he did not have the right disposition to be one..a minister..he as in his early 30’s when he started bible collage. The point is..being that he should not had left his job that he was trained pursue this career, ( the Apostle Paul teaches about this)we the family would had stayed put in our small town-village with grandma’s and aunts and uncles and cousins close by. I want that life back…I want the life I should had had. And to that point..If our Grandparents-parents had known and tought us the “rule(s) of law” we would be one happy island..we would had known our “separate and equal station to Law of Nature and Natures God”, our station to that of Government’s. I want that life back..the life I and all of us should had had. Now you all can do your own due diligence and look up what it means and maybe you to would come to the same conclusion that I’ve just post. That we are not living the life -lives we should had been living. 

Vee ..peace


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