“A War for our Soul” by Yippeekiyay – 7.6.21



Entry Submitted by Yippeekiyay at 1:30 PM EDT on July 6, 2021

The war is on our doorstep. It is not and can never be fought with bullets to the conclusion we all want- freedom from evil, real joy and prosperity for those who truly want it for of our planet or any other planet is the vast universe. 

It is a forgone conclusion that George Washington’s immense courage brought us to having a country where honest men could prosper but it was only the first step of many to come. Evil had been running the show here for thousands of years. 

We as a country since, run by leaders of less than pure and honorable hearts (save Lincoln, Jackson, the Kennedy brothers, MLK Jr., Reagan and lastly Trump) have used bullets to try to wipe out evil. Not even remotely a solution. And many think this is a solution. 

The leaders mentioned did not have enough power on their own to fight the illuminati. They needed more of our help to do so, and not with a carbine in hand.  Violence never solves the problem of evil over-taking good. Dr Martin Luther King had the right idea and stuck his neck out for those beliefs as Jesus did on the cross. Jesus gave his life for his beliefs. Too few of us have that much passion and integrity to stick our necks out on the line for what we believe in, I included. I have used my knowledge over the years to help others see through the lies the media has brain-washed us with so they could live a better life without big pharmas drugs. I have helped thousands of people using my knowledge and basic truths to lead a more passionate life and to give them more hope.

Ideas, thoughts, delivered with passion to others to help them open their minds to “see” more truth and awaken from the brain washing they and we all have experienced is how we fight this war. Helping each other to stand on our own two feet proudly and not give in to the despair MSM wants us all to feel. Helping each other take full responsibility for our lives, our communities, our country is what JFK meant in his famous speech “Ask NOT what your country can do for you, BUT WHAT you can do for your country!!”  Living this everyday is what will win over evil in your town. Your life. It doesn’t mean you have to get elected to office to make changes, but it could. It means apply in your life the goodness, the kindness, the patience, the smile, the courtesy to others our Creator instilled in us all. Apply tough love to others without caving them in spiritually. Apply the golden rule in your life, daily, not just on Sunday. And sin more. And most importantly, because none of us are perfect, take responsibility for those sins that slip through the cracks and make up the damage. 

A life lived with responsibility has no regrets and evil can not enter. Being evil has one trait in common- they are all cowards and cringe in the face of truth and love and unwavering faith in ourselves and God. 



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