“Exercise your Free Will Wisely” by Jai Guru Dev – 7.5.21



Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 5:14 PM EDT on July 5, 2021

We live in a Free Will universe. Free Will is the greatest blessing/curse that you have been endowed with. It must be honoured above all else. Every advanced sentient life-form understands and honours this principle.

Even the Cabal/Illuminati, their masters, the Draco, and their masters the Incanabula, understand and adhere to this principle. From the days of Lemuria, Atlantis and recent Homo Sapien times, Free Will was always deceptively obtained from the leaders of this planet for them to affect their influence on the population.

In recent history Eisenhower was coerced into allowing alien intervention by these dark forces into giving these forces access to our DNA in exchange for military technology. To refuse would have meant America’s enemies would have been given access to that technology resulting in the capitulation of America to its enemies.

A decision he tried to rectify once he became aware of the depravity of the Dark Force’s methods, but it was too late. The minions of the Draco, the Illuminati ensured that the original Free Will agreement was honoured, even if the Dark Forces manipulated the situation into giving them access to our DNA (and more nefarious occurrences).

The man in the street was unaware of the situation.

Through a complex but natural set of events, the energetics have changed. The Powers That Be, are able to intervene and assist humanity to break free from these shackles. One of the requirements was that the collective consciousness of man to shift to a higher frequency.

The man in the street became aware. How you may ask?

Initiated by Q. An alternative communication to the masses. Don’t believe the MSM, don’t search on Google, don’t listen to You Tube. Alternative search engines and platforms were created. Digital Warriors were born. There has been a shift of power from the so-called leaders, to the people.

Yes, GESARA the GCR and the redemption process has taken time. It was necessary. One was aware. One became two. Two became four. Four became eight. Eight became sixteen.  And so it continued until the threshold was met. The genetic mind/collective unconscious of this planet needed to reach a point whereby the light forces could intervene as the required number of people requested change, (although the majority by sub-conscious means).

By our Free Will we have reached that critical point, the point where intervention on our behalf is possible. And it has been forthcoming. Yet we must still do our part.

Digital Warriors I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have done your job. You have awakened the population for the successful implementation of GESARA, the GCR and the redemption process.


The redemption process is under way right now. It is the turn of the beneficiaries of this process to shine. To use you Free Will wisely to rebuild the destruction of the Dark Forces.

All holders of bonds and currencies are about to receive the vast majority of financial wealth that was held by less than 0.0000001% of the population. And more.

“The meek shall inherit the earth”. You have been chosen. A more accurate statement is that you chose to incarnate and be a custodian of this enormous task, the task of building a world based on love, gratitude, compassion, appreciation, humility, service to others as opposed to service to self.

Many have waited a long time for this moment. Intuitively Investing as much as they could in purchasing the bonds. And then global shutdowns and other circumstances meant many lived on the bread-and-butter line and many more below.
It is as it should be. 

Now you know what it feels like to struggle, to want, to need assistance from friends and family. To change your perspective from “How can that person let himself be in a position to live on the street,” to, “I wonder what circumstances caused that person to lose everything and end up on the street.”

You now understand the system of the Cabal is geared against mankind, to eventually put us all on the street in one form or another.

Compassion is awakened. Humility is awakened.

Understand your role in receiving these bonds. You are a Starseed born into forgetfulness of your mission. Yet here you are. By the choices and decisions that you have made through your journey in a human instrument, you have by the wise use of your Free Will arrived at this point.

The Powers That Be entrusted you with a mission. Redistribution of wealth in the hands of a government, organisation, company, any collective authority, has proven not to work. Instead, you have been chosen, you have taken on the responsibility of this enormous task. 

This is not an accident. You have valour. You have the capacity to collectively uplift mankind. Especially since many of you have experienced life in a temporary financially embarrassing manner. 

You are now awakened to the fact that you will live for many more years than you were previously aware. Make sure your personal financial situation is secure.

Then use your Free Will wisely. Utilise the excess funds not for personal power, but for the rebuilding of a new world.

A huge responsibility but you are up to the task. Go within. Listen to your heart. You will then know how to utilise the funds in the most appropriate and beneficial manner.

Jai Guru Dev


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