Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 7-7-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

07/07/2021 Update

Nick Fleming, [07.07.21 16:25]

Our military intel contact said that we need to be watching for the shotgun start and T4B notifications Thu and Fri 8-9 July as F&Ps (Fines & Penalties and Adjudicated settlements) are due to be paid into accounts overnight tonight Wed 7 July, and if it’s confirmed that they are paid out, they are to be followed in the RV release sequence by the German bonds and Yellow Dragon Bonds being paid out and access given to bond holders, at the same time that T4B 800# link notifications go out; as MarkZ’s bond holder sources said as of this morning Wed 7 July, bond holders are being told to stay in place at their banking centers and to watch for their bond payout funds to be made available at any moment—SO WE ARE IN A REALLY GOOD PLACE RIGHT NOW.

. ..He said his info matches that of Holly’s sources and TX Snake’s sources that F&Ps are to be paid out overnight if all goes to plan and when that is confirmed it will be party-time for us in T4B: TX Snake Wed 7 July, “Personally not involved in Fines & Penalties but have had several folks who follow that advising me that they are to be released overnight tonight [Wed 7 July], they have promised to advise as soon as they have confirmation. Over the years it has been said those items [legally] had to go before we could expect our notices. Texas Snake”

[4:17 PM]

. ..He said that the military (CENTCOM and NORTHCOM) has quietly put the military at DEFCON 1 behind the scenes today Wed 7 July in preparation for lockdown of rates and procedures for exchanges to start and for the shotgun start; publicly the military is only reporting DEFCON 4 but behind the scenes they went up to DEFCON 1, the highest level of military war footing to be ready to combat Deep State reactions to the RV / GCR release;

. ..He confirmed that Iraqi special forces and US special forces operators have gone after, and are shutting down, the Deep State Iranian backed militias that have hammered Iraq with missles over the past 72 hours; Iraq released globally it’s digital gold-backed Dinar today Wed 7 July, as Bruce’s sources said, and the Deep State went right to work to attack in response, but Spec Ops are taking them down effectively right now, he said.

[4:18 PM]

. ..He said Obama’s not running anything behind the scenes: anyone who believes that is hopelessly delusional he said and completely unaware that the Deep State has been taken down piece by piece globally and has lost the war already, as Mr. Fleming’s sources have confirmed–the Deep State is not running anything he said–DoD is running things–Trump and the military and the Alliance are running things globally— and he said that top-level Deep State politicians and bureaucrats have continued to be arrested and renditioned to GITMO (anyone wanting proof of this need look no further than to Monkey Werx, the 30-year military aviator, who has said there have been HIGHER THAN NORMAL levels of military flights to GITMO over past weeks );

. ..He said it’s not a matter of RV teams “deciding if they are going to release the RV,” it’s a matter of WHEN to release the shotgun start in the coming hours or days; again he does not know the exact timing but IT IS BEING MOVED FORWARD OVERNIGHT THROUGH THE REST OF THIS WEEK—so KEEP PRAYING he said.

Nick Fleming, [07.07.21 16:25]

[4:18 PM]

. ..He confirmed that DoD needed to confront 32 governors that were summoned to the Pentagon last week in order to stop planned Deep State violence and to stop operations meant to block GCR/RV exchanges through 14 of these corrupt governors—they had to do this last week BEFORE releasing the GCR / RV, which release is underway right now this week.

. ..He said because of the pages and pages of digital and hard-copy evidence given to DoD white hats by the high level CCP security chief defector, Dong Jingwei ( ), who defected to the USA in mid-February 2021; our guy confirmed that last week was spent summoning 32 governors, 14 of which are corrupt Deep State half-wits (like Cuomo of NY, Whitmer of MI, Newsom of CA, Murphy of NJ, Wolfe of PA, and 9 other governors corrupted by Deep State CCP bribes to do Deep State bidding to ruin their states, cities, and economies); some of these Deep State governors were arrested and renditioned to GITMO and to other detention centers—all of them were confronted with evidence from Dong Jingwei via DoD white hats, evidence of Deep State operations in each of their states including plans to start riots, mass shootings, bombings, etc, to disrupt the RV/GCR release and to mar 4th of July celebrations.

[4:20 PM]

. ..Many many Deep State half-wits in FBI, CIA and 16 other govt agencies over the past 1.5 weeks were arrested and renditioned to GITMO and other detention centers pending military tribunals—this means the DEEP STATE IS IN PANIC AND the DEEP STATE POWER STRUCTURES ARE BEING COMPLETELY EVISCERATED by the military.

. ..See the Telegram posts of (Q)The Storm Rider Wed 7 July, “18 U.S. Intelligence AGENCIES_Close to half a million Agents together…///Many are fighting each other’s agencies.. Many are fighting amongst themselves in their own agencies…..MILITARY IS VETTING Agencies//) +DONG JINGWEI gave the keys. Much is happening behind the scenes.”

. ..And Sun 4 July–(Q)The Storm Rider Lots of Flights to GITMO, Past 8 days…[FRI 25 June – SAT 7/3], Tuesday night June 29 & WED June 30 early morning hours. Over 700 [high level] arrests were made through the United States, UK. EU. On the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA}–[IT] WAS THE LARGEST MASS ARRESTS SO FAR IN a 32 HOUR time frame/// [DS] MSM is not reporting on the arrests …. But creating distractions…/// The Military [and] Federal Marshals moved on behalf of Sealed indictments and important evidence, files and servers provided by [CCP Chinese Security Chief Defector] Dong Jingwei.”

. ..Again he said keep prayers going up as we are AT THE END OF THIS ARDUOUS PROCESS and we are about to BREAK THROUGH TO THE LONG-AWAITED BLESSING.

. ..He said Isaac’s intel fits his sources:

Wednesday 07 July 2021
Hello , I will know if my German bonds were paid later , my buyer told me today or tomorrow [Wed – Thu 7-8 July] , keep you posted , ”(edited)
Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page

21,000 CIA Agents in the world
15,000 CIA secondary Agents (who work privately for the CIA)
Over 2. Million informants world wide//

OVER 60,000 black ops Soldiers
From 14 different Privately owned MILITARY companies in the U.S.

18 U.S. Intelligence AGENCIES
_Close to half a million Agents together…

///Many are fightin…

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
Lots of Flights to GITMO
Past 8 days…

Tuesday night June 29 & June 30 early morning hours.

Over 700 arrests were made through the United States
UK. EU. On the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA}


Nick Fleming, [07.07.21 16:25]
[DS] MSM is not reporting on the arrests …. But creating distractions…///

He added on Dong Jingwei see the live report from Chinese national expert here: .

07/07/2021 Podcast Update



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