“Test Groups” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 7-8-21


Thursday Evening Update with MarkZ 7/08/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Many of the questions I got tonight  were about what Holly said today.

Holly Thursday Rv News: I am going to break it down so you have a better understanding of the process as it is complicated. 

You have the GCR which is the global currency reset to put all the countries on a level playing field and make them whole.  

German Bonds are part of the GCR side 

Fines and penalties are court awarded court cases for Cmkx, prosperity programs and farm claims. These must be paid out before the RV can release. As of now they have not yet been paid. They could have paid the paymasters but not the recipients as of yet.


Included with F&P is the adjudicated funds which needs to be paid out also. 

The bonds will not be made liquid until the F&Ps go 

Then before the RV is kicked off, Nesara and Gesara have to be announced. 

This will trigger the Dubai 1&2 to be liquid 

Then the test group of 4a goes  

Lastly the notifications will be released.  

The RV is the actual revaluation of the currencies in the basket. The GCR is establishing a level playing field. Then you have the world court settlements and those must be paid first.  


MZ: The old school order was F&Ps, settlements like farm claims were to go first and paid in fiat. Then we were supposed to have the reset. Then the trust portion of everything including us in 4A .   Some of this is close to what I heard….

MZ: On the 4a test groups…..this is folks that already have SKR’s (safe keeping receipts)  . They have already turned in their currency and have had their background checks done. Their paperwork is done and that’s why their funds will be released while we are making our appointments. Its our understanding since those funds are already aggregated…that their funds will go into a Jade account with the new QFS banking system and they will be given their access instructions for it. This test group is US Treasury Friends and Family and those close to the Admiral. . . If this test group goes well…they will be prepared for us in 4b to get our QFS accounts …Im not talking days to wait…..maybe hours if all goes well.  This is how I am expecting that to go. 

Member:  Holly Second Update Thursday 7-8-2021Ok I just got off my call. The paymasters for F&Ps did get funded last night. It needs to get to the recipients level to kick everything off. The good news is we have never gotten to this place before with the paymasters for F&Ps being funded … They have 48 hours to release it to the recipients.

MZ: Since this is out there on the boards I will address it….I hear the same things about some money has been moved on farm claims and cmkx…money is positioned for this. To be released in the next 48 hours. We will see if it happens…We are still trying to get solid proof on that.

MZ: If this is accurate then we will probably see on Friday Evening the F&P’s go out, and then sometime over the weekend we will see 800 numbers or emails or whatever they will be using to get in contact with us.  .

Member:  I heard fines and penalties were starting today

MZ: I heard the funds are positioned…. not that they have paid it. With my extensive group friends with CMKX and farm claims I am certain if they were paying I would hear about it. We will be watching closely over the next day or two.

MZ:  My bond folks have been told to come back in the morning….11AM Zurich time. Hopefully we will get some news that is sharable.

Member: How will the NDA work if violated?

MZ:  I asked some of my redemption center contacts about this. This is how we understand it if we break our NDA. We understand the NDA is on your rate…not that you have exchanged. So at this point we believe that what you lose….is not everything will be clawed back ….but the change in rate or the difference in what you would have received on the street rate of whatever country is showing in the banks…the bare minimum rate….…versus what you will receive on the higher contract rate.


MZ: For instance ..using the Vietamese Dong as an example. We expect the street rate to release at about .47 cents and be allowed to float up. Say our contract rate is $2 per dong.  If you break your NDA then you would lose the difference in rates….or $1.53 cents per dong …as an example. .

Member:  Is there a project list for the Zim…I really want to know what I will be doing on the Zim side of this.

MZ: It is my understanding that when you call for an appointment you will sign a virtual version of an NDA. Then they will send you a project list to give you time to make your decision. I have heard this from a number of sources and it makes sense to me. .

Member:Wondering Why Pimpy Says No 800 # or Redemption Centers???

MZ: I will tackle this one last time…I hope. All I can tell you is what I hear from my contacts…I know someone in real life who has helped set up redemption centers. I absolutely 100% believe there will be redemption centers with fully trained staff. . Do I think all of us will exchange in redemption centers…no…If people are in smaller areas, rural areas…places with not many currency holders..then you will probably exchange at a bank branch. They will direct you to one where the staff has training.

MZ: Do I think in larger markets you will be sent to special redemption centers….yes I do …Why do I believe that?  Because I know somebody who has helped train people in 3 of them . And I believe this to be true because of my contacts.

Member: Do you believe we will be taxed on the exchange

MZ: As I have said many times…..I do not believe it will be taxed. I am told that will be covered in a treaty. And while they are making funds on it now….I believe it will not be taxed after the event at either a state of federal level….This is what I believe. . But, just in case it is taxed…I picked up extra currency to cover it so I don’t waste any time worrying about it……..just in case. I believe there will be no tax…my people tell me there will be no tax….

Member: When will they stop selling foreign currency?

MZ: This is another one I have answered many times…..Most companies that sell foreign currencies are licensed under the UST here in the US. They are going to sell up until a minute or two before it changes….then after that they will still sell you foreign currency but at the new rate. This is how their business model works.


MZ: I will let you know if something happens…..If I stream pops up and says “NDA” you will know something happened.

 Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….

Mark will continue tonight with Whiskey and Wisdom……

The next scheduled stream is Friday 10AM est…..

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