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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 3:53 AM EDT on July 8, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

One of my original project ideas was for veterans, among others. I have never been able to understand why veterans have been treated so poorly by the countries they basically fought for. Not only those who came out of their respective wars without harm, but even more so those who came back with physical damage.

I live in a country where no one really remembers or even begins to honor the veterans or even the fallen soldiers. Except for the family members. You know, I’ve watched a lot of movies. And I can also see between the lines messages that a director wants to convey. In the movie “The Miracle of Bern”, the father of the family comes back from Russian POW, hopes to get his POW compensation, but doesn’t get it in full because he was supposedly sentenced to “imprisonment” for theft. But the fact that the men in the POW camp only stole some sugar because they were starving was not taken into account.

Or think about “Rambo”. How would that movie have turned out if veterans had been given the respect they deserve. As John Rambo says later in the movie, there in the war the men had responsibility for millions worth of material, had responsibility for their comrades and back in the homeland they don’t even get a job as a park ranger. In addition, there are the psychological burdens, because it is simply not possible for a human mind to process everything that happens in war. With oneself and with others. This is made very clear, especially in the movie “Home of the Brave”. We watch these films, we are upset, but still we do not change anything. This is a form of selfishness that we have all been taught, we have been indoctrinated.

Normally we should honor our veterans and give them all possible and impossible means to reintegrate. We should also honor and remember our fallen soldiers as often as we can. No matter in which country, no matter on which side they fought and died. Because, as we have seen in recent months and years, they all fought and died so that a self-appointed elite can stuff their pockets with money. They all thought they were fighting for their homeland, they were putting their lives on the line to defend their families, their values, their country and their way of life. But unfortunately it was not so, we know that now.

In the current war, which few of us are witnessing, things are different. From some American truthers we could learn that many soldiers have already given their lives because they are liberating humanity from the cabal of the Deep State. They have fought underground, they have seen things that we cannot imagine. And frankly, I don’t want to see or know those things either. To me, all soldiers, no matter what nation they belong to, are heroes right now. They are not yet known to the public, the “UNKNOWN HEROES”, but soon we will know who they are, what they have done and for what they have given their lives. I personally will not forget them, just as I will not forget all the other veterans. And I know no one in the future world will treat veterans the way we have.

We won’t have any more wars, someday no one will even know what wars were. Because those who supported both sides of a war just for profit, who deliberately started wars just to rake in money, they’ll be gone. They are gone forever. They also have no place in the new peaceful world. They know that and that is why they are resisting so bitterly. That’s why there are delays in everything we expect.


One problem that I think is also causing delays is the attitude of some people who are waiting. What is it still about for some? Personal wealth? Financial independence? Freedom? Profit? Just look at the self-proclaimed elite. They had it all and wanted more! Always more! Quote from the movie “Wall Street 2”: “What amount is enough for you?” “More!” That’s just a movie, but it accurately describes the attitude of some who think they are something better.

I was able to transform myself and today I have different ambitions, also through sharing and talking with others. I see myself in the future like Robin Hood, only without the fighting. So I will soon take money from the rich (the alliance) and give it to the needy, programs and opportunities for this there are enough. I myself, of course, also benefit from it, including my family, which has crumbled apart somewhat, but differently. Because, what do I need personally? Food, drink, clothing, a roof over my head, the four basic needs, right? Hey, and of course I’m excited about the new technologies, who isn’t.

It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be long, how long, I basically don’t care. I know it will happen, until then I will do my job, in the place I was put. And I thank with appreciation and respect all veterans, all fallen soldiers, all active fighters for the good, for the light. You will never be forgotten! You will never be treated badly!

“Now those who show themselves on this journey of life.
are true pioneers of light and love!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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