Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 7-9-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

07/09/2021 Update

Our military intel contact said he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, MarkZ’s sources, Bruce’s sources, Isaac’s sources, Holly sources, and other sources –his info is the same as what Holly said earlier this week–when the F&Ps (Fines & Penalties) get paid out, •••it’s time for us in T4B to party,••• because WE HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THIS FAR IN THE RV RELEASE PROCESS–EVER REPEAT EVER–and THE RELEASE PROCESS IS INEXORABLY MOVING TOWARD THE SHOTGUN START AND T4B START IN JUST DAYS NOW–IT CANNOT, REPEAT CANNOT BE STOPPED he said: He said it is DEFINITELY TIME for us in T4B TO START TO CELEBRATE, because

. ..(1) F&P PAYOUT CELEBRATION–Fines & Penalties HAVE BEEN PAID OUT into F&P paymaster accounts over the past 36 hours–F&P payment funds began being paid and positioned into paymaster accounts from 10 pm EST Wed night 7 July through to 11:37 am EST yesterday Thu 8 July–as Holly said yesterday Thu 8 July “WE HAVE NEVER GOTTEN TO THIS PLACE BEFORE WITH THE PAYMASTERS FOR F&Ps BEING FUNDED”–GOOD, GOOD NEWS TO CELEBRATE our guy said.

. ..(2) F&P PAYMASTER 48 HOUR DEADLINE TO DOWNSTREAM FUNDS–F&P paymasters are paying out and downstreaming funds into F&P and adjudicated settlement accounts RIGHT NOW and LEGALLY HAVE TILL OVERNIGHT TONIGHT FRI 9 JULY (the legal 48 hour deadline) TO FINISH PAYING OUT (DOWNSTREAMING) funds into those accounts to position those account funds for access by F&P (+adjudicated settlements, PP) recipients when the shotgun start and T4B notifications go out (expected any time between now and Tue 13 July).

[1:16 PM]

. ..And (3) GERMAN BONDS HAVE BEEN PAYING OUT AND LIQUIDITY ACCESSED quietly behind the scenes since Wed night 7 July–the German Bonds, the first of many bond payouts, have been paying out and their bond recipients receiving their funds yesterday Thu 8 July and today Fri 9 July, with German bond recipients going quietly away under NDAs, AS IN FACT HAS HAPPENED with two of MarkZ’s bond holder contacts (and many more like them our guy said) going quiet under NDAs, as MarkZ reported over the past 24 hours; our guy said many German bond holders have been under NDAs and have been QUIETLY leaving their banking centers with spendable-moveable funds at their disposal RIGHT NOW–THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE, and OUR TURN IN T4B is COMING NOW IN THE NEXT DAYS.

. ..He said PEOPLE, THESE THREE (3) REASONS ABOVE ARE THE BIG PICTURE NEWS YOU NEED TO BE CELEBRATING and continuing to pray over till completion when the shotgun start and T4B notification start are initiated ANY MOMENT NOW from tomorrow Sat 10 July to next Tue 13 July–IT IS HAPPENING, REPEAT •••THE RV / GCR FINAL ROLL OUT IS HAPPENING NOW••• so we each need to be patient, as Holly said, till our turn comes in the sequence of financial transactions underway RIGHT NOW comprising the release.

[1:16 PM]

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources and Bruce’s sources that the shotgun start, when all the remaining bond payouts and T4B exchanges start, is likely to be the same time when bond paymasters access their 1% payouts next Tue 13 July.

. ..He is confirming Bruce’s sources that DoD RV security teams are finally in a place where they believe that have enough Deep State banksters, politicians, bureaucrats, and traffickers arrested and DUMBs/tunnels cleared globally of trafficked and tortured children, to be able to release the GCR/RV globally and safely (the Freemason pedo-satanists are not going away but they have been subdued by the Alliance, Trump, and DoD white hats . . . Finally!)–THIS IS GOOD NEWS, BECAUSE THIS IS THE PRIMARY REASON he said THAT THE GCR / RV IS FINALLY •••REPEAT••• FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY ••• BEING RELEASED AFTER DECADES OF WAITING (decades for some of us).

. ..He has the same info as Holly and Mr. Fleming’s sources that the “” web site ( IS NOT THE SAME as the expected Safe Link Web link that is expected to be in the T4B notification emails–as Holly said the Safe Link, the T4B notification email and 800#s are NOT YET OUT NOR AVAILABLE, so be patient until they come–Mr. Fleming, MarkZ, Holly, Bruce, and other intel providers will confirm it when these come out for us in T4B;

[1:16 PM]

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that yesterday Thu 8 July Europe officially made the Euro gold-backed, today Fri 9 July Zimbabwe is officially making the ZIM dollar gold-backed, and the fiat USD will be converted to gold-backed USN / USTN some time tomorrow Sat 10 July, which is one of the most important of the 20 protocols of NESARA / GESARA being implemented domestically and globally.

. ..His info is the same as Mr. Fleming’s source saying that tomorrow Sat 10 July the schedule calls for paymasters to be moving liquidity globally in a terminal way for the shotgun start; Reno must begin disbursing funds no later than Sat 10 July and paymasters will be moving liquidity into accounts in preparation for the shotgun start and T4B start to be initiated at the same time any time from tomorrow Sat 10 July through Tue 13 July forward next week.

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s source saying that once the RV / GCR shotgun start has been initiated and carried through, DoD white hats will have Trump come back into office as president very quickly (expected as early as next month August 2021); his info also agrees with Mr. Fleming’s non-USA source, “10) No other country even recognizes Biden as president. It’s amazing how the United States has been so brainwashed! 11) Bill Clinton was convicted [at] GITMO and is now serving a life sentence at GITMO with the terrorists he put there [ ]. . . . 14) All countries are ready to go and open wide on Saturday 10 July. 15) The whole world is waiting.”

. ..He agrees with this same source, “The world is preparing to change dramatically. Each of you is an important part of the changes that are coming in this world. God chose you for a reason. All this money belongs to God. Let’s never forget where we came from and [let’s] help create a better world for generations to come.”

07/09/2021 Podcast Update



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