“How did we not Notice this?” by Stefan – 7.10.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:14 AM EDT on July 10, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

In the last weeks we are confronted in the alternative media with company logos showing pedophile symbols and also this stupid new rainbow. This has sharpened the senses of some, if not many, people pay more attention to it and it strikes you how blatant and deep it all goes. Especially in Germany, with German companies. I really don’t want to know who was and is involved, for me it is certain, certainly all youth welfare offices. The policy is it in any case, only recently an early sexualization was suggested, which is to begin already in the infancy. Like-minded left-green parties propose such a thing, who else?

If the senses are sharpened in this way, we can’t help but pay more attention to the manufacturers of sweets, ice cream and even films for children to see if there isn’t a certain symbolism there as well. In the case of Disney films in any case, there have been numerous whistleblowers in recent months who have pointed out images of pedo symbols. But have you ever wondered why Shrek has a man in drag? Why Pinocchio wears sexy lingerie? Why there has to be a gay ogre? The deeper you go down this kind of rabbit hole, the creepier and kinkier it gets. Let’s face it, the mass of people are heterosexual, want to have a family and also live in a community that can reproduce naturally.

Please don’t misunderstand, I am very tolerant and everyone should live as they see fit. But we are talking about a minority when it comes to homosexual people, for example, even though we see homosexual people paraded everywhere. Our Secretary of Health and Human Services, for example. Or think about Richard Grenell. But what I see or what I wonder is, how would a homosexual community reproduce? It would eventually cease to exist because there can be no offspring. Homosexual couples depend on heterosexual couples to have children.

Speaking of tolerance, I’ve noticed for months that the very people who demand high tolerance from others have little tolerance themselves. I have a few examples of this. No, I’ m not going to list all the gender types that we are supposed to take into account in politics. It’s enough for me that we have to read job ads that say “male,” “female,” and “diverse.” No, real life examples:
– A homosexual couple in our village reported two neighbors to the police because they had the black-white-red flag of the German Empire hanging in their garden. It was allowed until recently, but was banned by the state government. Will they also take down or ban the flag in Brussels? Because there it also flies. When asked, the two neighbors were told that the advertisers felt disturbed in their sense of justice. Tolerant, isn’t it?

– Years ago I was interested in an alternative way of life, more precisely in a self-sufficient village. There are many of them, more or less successful, in Germany. Some of it was very interesting, especially because everyone acted, or wanted to be, open, friendly, accommodating and tolerant. But then came the fine print: almost everywhere only vegetarians or vegans were accepted, for God’s sake no meat eaters!

– Next example: I got an invitation to a spiritual weekend. Everything was good, a nice program, the time was also well chosen, some acquaintances had already accepted. Then came the small print again: No alcohol, no smoking, no meat. Whoever wanted to do that anyway should then leave the area so that it would not be contaminated.

Honestly, dear fellow human beings, is this how you want to build a new world? Is the need for division really so deep in each of us? How can we call ourselves spiritual and awakened if we build such intolerant rules into the vision of our new world? Can’t we accept each other as we are? Everyone is different, has different views, different needs, different origins, different desires and ideas. How can I presume to impose my will, my way of life on someone else? Who tells me, in the last example, that not excluding smokers, beer drinkers, meat eaters does not pollute the place of meeting much worse?

How could we not notice that we are deeply divided with thousands of small things? On a large scale we have noticed it, religions, skin color, political attitude, financial status, on a small scale we are much more deeply and also much more divided. And strangely enough, everyone is diligently participating. Those who don’t or won’t are vanishingly small. Even I tend to indulge in division. But I have noticed it, or am noticing it more and more, and am trying to turn it off as best I can.

How could we not notice that hundreds of thousands of children disappear every year? How could we not notice that we are surrounded by pedophiles? There were signs years ago, especially in Germany in politics. And nobody (including me) cared. I admit that at that time I also had the hope that the “state” would do enough against it. They all acted so horrified when pedophile cases were in the news. I was naive, as were many others.

My confidence is huge that we will get this better regulated in the new world and that our tolerance will grow to a gigantic level. Many will still have to check themselves in this respect, including me. In any case, I have no more desire for division in the new world. In the transition phase we will not only clean up and rebuild, we will also use all possibilities to work on the manners in our new communities. All people will be equal in the future. And just imagine, we humans are not alone. All the otherworldly residents, guests and visitors are all welcome, if they are tolerant. And in this new world we will notice better and faster a relapse into old behavior patterns. Or?

“Evil could only triumph for so long,because good people did nothing!For whatever reason they did nothing.“

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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