Dinarland Highlights for July 10, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.10.21


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[Wondering Why [Guru] Pimpy Says No 800 # or Redemption Centers?]

…All I can tell you is what I hear from my contacts…I know someone in real life who has helped set up redemption centers. I absolutely 100% believe there will be redemption centers with fully trained staff. Do I think all of us will exchange in redemption centersno…If people are in smaller areas, rural areas…places with not many currency holders…then you will probably exchange at a bank branch. They will direct you to one where the staff has training.

Do I think in larger markets you will be sent to special redemption centersyes I do …Why do I believe that Because I know somebody who has helped train people in 3 of them . And I believe this to be true because of my contacts.

I am hearing that we little people here at the 4B level should have 800 numbers by Wed. or Thurs…I am hearing a lot of chatter…It is very exciting.

I hope that Monday Morning…I post the Golden egg and a big NDA…that is what I am hopeful for Monday morning according to what I am hearing…


Bruce (The Big Call)

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Tier 4B is probably going to be notified Monday or Tuesday- of next week – there’s a chance we could get notified Saturday…I believe that is going to be our start date – ON TUESDAYNow do we get notified prior to that? With our emails on Monday? Possibly so –  we just don’t know…



Can you do a video on where the emails will come from that will give us the 800#…please?”

There are no 800#s.  There’s no redemption centers.  No body’s got the codes that release the funds.  There’s no numbers on the ‘back screen’.  There’s nobody standing by the computers at some redemption centers.  There’s no tier 1, tier 2.  There’s no, ‘Hey, we get a better rate if we go in together.’  Don’t be sending any of your currencies in for any type of trust fund whatsoever.  Don’t ever send anybody an of the serial numbers that are on your currency.  When you’re dealing with foreign currency it’s not really that complicated.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Articles are going to be more in-depth…I think they are now going to start talking about the new notes…The articles that we are waiting to come out, the next batch, are going to talk about the the exchange rate changing and the new small category notes.  Yeah, it’s getting closer and closer IMO.


Mountain Goat

the news from Iraq this period is all about implementing the White Paper reforms…we also see that Iran is still trying to block any reforms and rebuilding as they instigate yet more attacks on American soldiers and bases in Iraq… I would not expect any RV until at least the period when Iraq can get the corruption under control and eliminate the Iranian influence…Yes, it is up to the Iraqi central bank to initiate the project to delete the zeros in coordination with the IMF and the US Treasury. Did you hear me…“with coordination”.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

“Iraq begins construction of the largest submerged tunnel in the Middle East

They told us this week that there would be “BANK CREDIT” for paying contractors  within 3 days for those contractors at the port of Faw. That was to have been done Wednesday.  Now here in this article, they speak of issuing a letter of credit. Well, then they’ll need an international accepted currency for that will they not? One that is digitized and where the imports can be taxed accordingly under the new automated system to be in place or is in place now…imo.



Saturday RV Report: Our military intel contact said even though we are all exhausted to the point of perhaps not being able to believe it…THIS COMING WEEK IS •••FINALLY IT••• for T4B & the shotgun start as Mr Fleming’s sources are saying.; he said hang tight all you currency holders…If you feel exhausted it is PAR FOR THE COURSE —YOUR LIBERATION IS UPON YOU NOW…FREEDOM IS COMING IN YOUR REDEMPTION APPOINTMENT THIS COMING WEEK he confirmed.

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