“Our Blessing” by Yippeekiyay – 7.11.21


Entry Submitted by Yippeekiyay at 6:02 PM EDT on July 11, 2021

Our blessing comes in many forms. The fact we as Americans can freely travel without having papers to cross our own borders is a blessing. Ask any old timer from Europe who emigrated to the US.

The fact we can still freely communicate our thoughts without the thought police showing up at our door en masse is a blessing. The fact we can go to a grocery store and fill our carts to feed our family is a blessing many third world countries can not do. The fact we don’t pay $7-8-10/gal like the rest of the world is as well, even though that is based on the USD Petro dollar (soon to be gold, asset backed).

We can count more blessings, many more. 

Yes, there are a lot of parts of life in our country that need an overhaul but in reality, we have it made here  compared to others in many countries,  if we are willing to put forth the effort with passion to make our mark on the world. In no other country I know of is there more opportunity for someone who has a dream and truly wants to achieve that dream to do so. Only those who want the dream but don’t have the intention to break through the barriers will never achieve it. It takes guts to create what one truly wants. The biggest barrier most encounter on the way to their dream is themselves agreeing with the negativity thrown their way that what they want is “too risky, too hard, will take too long, I’m not smart enough, take the safe road, etc, etc”.  These negative realities ( like death and taxes) are so easy to grab hold of and assume as a way of life. The road less traveled is the hardest one to travel but has the most rewards. 

Many of you who wanted the blessing of a revalued currency and are upset that it is taking so long (I have 10 yrs invested in it myself) may want to look at what you do have and count those blessings. When my sister gets upset about her financial condition (went from having a multi million dollar business to losing it and starting all over again), all I tell her is, “We could be living in Iran”. She snaps out of it. I think many of us could take these words and apply them to our personal situation. The revaluation will be a blessing for those who are not counting on it to live financially well. My main purpose for buying the currency was mainly to use it to help others which I have done for 2/3 of my life without having large finances to do so.

This post is designed to do just that as well. And it didn’t cost very much. I speak to my customers about the hopeful future of our country and that helps them have more hope instead of all the negative shit that exists in the present time. Pray for a fabulous, prosperous, joy filled future in your community, neighborhood, state, country and world. Envision it becoming a real reality. The future is like a blank slate where you have to use a chisel to mold it so to speak with your dream of what it can be. The dream steadfastly held onto is the chisel. 

Thanks for reading.


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