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Iraq opens up to countries around the world to develop the industrial sector

At a time when Minister of Industry Manhal al-Khabbaz revealed government directives to open up to countries around the world to develop the industrial sector, an economist saw that partnerships are important to revive factories and laboratories and develop production lines. The baker discussed with the French Chargé d’Affairs in Baghdad, Jean-Noel Boniot, the opportunities available to enhance cooperation and partnership between Iraq and France in various industrial fields.

During the meeting, the Minister of Industry confirmed that there are directives from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to open up to the countries of the world to develop the Iraqi industrial sector, including France, in light of the good and friendly relations that bind the two countries, pointing out that the ministry had previously cooperated with France through projects and production lines in most of the countries. The Ministry’s factories, especially the successful investment experience with the French company Lafarge in the Karbala cement plant.

For his part, the French Chargé d’Affairs affirmed the willingness and seriousness of his country’s government to cooperate with Iraq in various industrial fields, and to contribute to the development of the Iraqi industrial reality and the implementation of joint projects.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had recently discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron by phone, strengthening joint cooperation between Baghdad and Paris, during which the importance of developing economic cooperation between the two countries, as well as providing the appropriate environment for French companies to work and invest in Iraq, while Macron renewed his support for the Iraqi government, and the willingness France to provide various aspects of support needed by the Iraqi government.

In a related context, industrial expert Aqil Al-Saadi confirmed to Al-Sabah the importance of partnerships between Iraqi and French companies, whether governmental or private.

Industrial development

Al-Saadi pointed to “the need to support the trends of government openness to countries of the world, to attract international investment companies, and to agree with them to establish industrial development projects that provide job opportunities for youth and advance the national industry.”

He added that “the competent government agencies should work to revive the stalled factories and factories by supporting international partnerships and helping local businessmen and investors,” pointing out “the importance of the state sponsoring meetings and meetings between Iraqi and foreign businessmen and industrialists, especially since the private sector is the supporter.” President for the advancement of industrial reality.

Industrial projects

The specialist in industrial affairs, Abdul-Hassan Al-Shammari, stated that “Iraq suffers from the suspension of thousands of industrial projects in all the public and private productive sectors and the mixed sector, which makes us urgently need to cooperate with the international industrial effort developed, and France is one of the most important industrial countries in the world and we can extend bridges of cooperation.” We are building bilateral relations that contribute to reviving a large percentage of our industry.” 

He cautioned that «the Iraqi economy is in dire need to rotate the wheel of industrial production, which is the focus of development in the country».   link

International reality alone determines the achievement of economic stability in developing countries.

Any talk about achieving economic growth or development in the third world countries remains dependent on the struggles of the great powers over the domination of the global economy, which is embodied in the game of adults through the structures of international alliances and their changes according to interests.

Sometimes you find it with this country or that and at other times you find it in the opposite, and it is this creative chaos that feeds the survival of the third world countries outside the system of economic stability.

And the tracker of the changes that occurred during the Corona era and the crisis of fluctuating oil prices downward since the end of the year 2019, as its effects intensified in the first quarter of the year 2020, and its indicator is the contraction that afflicted the global economy and the extent of the damage suffered by countries, even to varying degrees, due to the complete economic closure and semi-cessation The life that appeared.

But soon the adults reached somewhat reassuring vaccines, and economic life returned to normal in the countries of the game, and the effects continued to gnaw at the economies of developing countries.

Note now that policies and alliances have begun to change according to the higher interests of each country, and so the game continues, one day with you and one day against you, which means that the international reality alone is responsible for achieving stability here, creating and continuing chaos there.

These external factors, which are politically termed “greedy” and economically “challenges” are what define the identity of the new economic system and control the future of developing economies and emerging.

The decisions of the “eight” countries do not accept the veto. As for the decisions of the “20” countries, they only have to obey and implement. As for the rest of the economies, they must receive painful consequences and blows.

This scene depicts to us the nature and features of the new economic system based on the remnants and rubble of globalization. It does not differ from it at all. Rather, its impact will be broader and deeper. This is how the picture appears to me about the future of the new global economy.

Perhaps the ongoing regional conflicts between the developing countries are the fuel that nourishes and revives and develops the new economic system and keeps it, as I said, at the mercy of the global mood because it alone controls the determination of economic stability.

How will the developing countries and Iraq among them think in the face of this hurricane while they are preoccupied with useless conflicts, but the loss of their peoples and the survival of their economies reeling from the effects of the international mood?

So far, it has not been clear who will win the leadership of the global economy, and this is a mystery that only the hands of those who are firmly rooted in the science of political game can decipher. link

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