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Entry Submitted by dgt at 5:19 PM EDT on July 12, 2021

Miron’s post is not only a good example of bad reasoning but he also demonstrates the kind of ideas that are creating a dangerous divide in this country.

Re: “Martin Armstrong’s Insight on Election Info” by Miron – 7.7.21

Mr. Miron, this is a direct quote from your recent post referencing Martin Armstrong

“Martin Armstrong to me is one of the greatest minds living today, listening to his comments is very insightful…”

I followed the link to Armstrong and read what he had to say about the 2020 election. One’s bar must be set particularly low to even buy this stuff let alone admire it. How can we be impressed by a series of claims and accusations presented without a shred of evidence? Armstrong says at one point “We never had such a massive election fraud.” Based on what ? At one point he claims as his source; “The Scuttlebutt out of Arizona, is that the fraud was massive.” Scuttlebutt indeed. That is as bad as using “people say…” as proof of a matter.

How can Armstrong be taken seriously when he exaggerates the target of the investigation, Mr. Weisselberg’s age by seven years (Weisselberg is 73 not 80) and reduces the 15 counts of the indictment to something to do with parking? That isn’t how one reasons that is how one argues when he would rather win than be right.

Mr. Armstrong is obviously singing to the choir as he drags up such tired clichés’ as Soros and Obama to ingratiate himself with the, relatively small, base that is left. In fact it is not surprising that Trump’s below 40% approval rating at the end of his term, the lowest in history, manifested as a “landside” loss at the polls. I am surprised by the amount of votes he did get given that approval rating.




I’m wondering why there was no rigging by the Democrats in 2016. I’m sure they would have preferred Hillary to Trump in that election. It seems as well that if the Democrats are rigging elections they would have done well in the 2020 election to get a few more of their party into the senate.

It is maddening to see so called experts be so transparent and manipulative and almost equally so to see someone else buy into it so completely.



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