“GIA: Global Intelligence Agency” by REALIST – 7.13.21


Entry Submitted by REALIST at 6:22 AM EDT on July 13, 2021

Ratified In The Hall Of Records

The Global Intelligence Agency is the only Agency currently operating under lawful ratification as recognized by the Hall of Records. Each Country has its own branch of the GIA and is the only Agency or Military Branch that has authorization to access the Key Intelligence and Military System.

The former Agencies and Militaries that protected the interests of the Federal Reserve and the elite hierarchy that controlled governments, media, business, and the assets of the planet have been officially dissolved. This includes the FBI, CIA, MI6, NSA, and every intelligence or military organization that has been funded by the Global Repository formerly known as Global Central Bank.

The GIA is an independent agency not affiliated with any formerly recognized Agency including the C.I.A.

The K.I.M.S. is able to provide inside information about current activity military operations terrorist activity, background information, financial information, medical information, and contributions to past operations, associations, and virtually any activity in which an organization, government, or individual has ever been involved in.

This has been a key weapon used against the people in the past, and is now being used to liberate and restore the planet. Key members of the Peoples’ de jure Assemblies and proven Agents for the GIA have access to this system to use as a tool to prevent disasters, identify issues, predict possible threats, protect the people, and assist project owners in successfully bringing their vision to life.

Former Agents and other select personnel previously trained by one of the retired Agencies possess the advantage of being familiar with targets enemies, and allies based on the intelligence provided by the Quantum System.

Previous operations including the Global Reset were based on limited information gathered and compartmentalized by the Order formerly acting as the Guardians for the Global Assets.

The GIA represents a new Era of Global Security that genuinely practices transparency, and represents the true uncompromising interests of the people.

For the first time in human history we have an ally at the top of the power structure in the Global Finance System.



As a service to wake up in this new world and situation

The challenges are to answer the following questions!

Now at the latest the bearers of repeatedly false military messages should ask themselves:

Why do all announcements of a GCR, RV, Nesara, Gesara and much more in the Intel bubbles fail for more than 10 years?

So from whom do they get this information about a soon GCR, RV or even QFS- if not from Deep State agents!

So what would happen with the money if these events are orchestrated by the Deep State?

Also the fantasizing of an ALLIANCE that has been carefully planning these events for many years should be analyzed. Who should be these forces, for example the Dragon Families? (a Q-Team, Mr. Trump who was saved financially by the Rothschilds several times and pushes the vaccination program, also identified as a member of the Black Sun Group)

Or Mr. Keanen who runs with his golden magic wand through Phillipinian jungles, allegedly protecting bunkers full of gold?


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