Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update and Just a Note 7-13-21



Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

07/13/2021 Update

All our military intel contact could say now for security is that the military, DoD, IS TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW to get the F&Ps, bond payouts, & exchanges going RIGHT NOW (see reports of arrests over past 2.5 weeks in past updates, including Chief Justice Roberts arrest [below])—he is confirming that because the military has been taking action, IT HAS STARTED OVER THE LAST 5 DAYS— between last Thu 8 July to last Sun 11 July Fines & Penalties (F&Ps adjudicated settlements & PPs) paymasters got liquidity to downstream to their beneficiary accounts at the same time that German Bonds began paying out, while other bonds (Super Petchilis etc) are being processed right now at the same time more F&P notifications are being delivered, as Mr Fleming’s sources, MarkZ’s sources and info, & Holly’s sources have clearly proven over the last 5 days (see their comments transcribed on Dinarrecaps)—his info is that recipients are getting a percentage of spendable money but not full liquidity till 70% of F&Ps reach F&P recipients (estimated to be accomplished shortly now), then T4B starts later this week and the World Court T4B mandate overseeing the release is ensuring T4B is started in the release sequence underway right now, so T4B is NOT being left behind;

. ..His info is also that today Tue 13 July is a big day of more movement behind the scenes in the cascading of financial transactions and F&P & bond notifications going out comprising the shotgun release underway right now and his info is also that big preparations are underway behind the scenes today Tue 13 July for the rest of this week’s payouts & exchanges initiating;

. ..He said the F&P payouts and notifications have NEVER progressed this far—ever—so like MarkZ said, “Buckle up and watch it play out”;

[1:30 PM]

. ..He also said No, do NOT expect to hear of F&P or bond recipients receiving their notifications and access to a percentage of their funds because of STIFF NDAs—no one wants their accounts frozen for breaking their NDA terms!

. ..He said that among ongoing cabal arrests behind the scenes, it is no coincidence that the same day F&P payouts started, last Wed night 7 July—on or before that day Chief Justice John Roberts was served an unsealed indictment and arrested quietly; Robert’s sealed indictment was prepared in advance charging him with pedophilia, child trafficking (Epstein Island visits), taking billions in Deep State bribes, diverting $9.1 trillion [from Building 7 stolen by BushJr-Cheney on 9/11/2001] and paying it to Clintons for CIA Rockefeller Deep State clowns ( ); DoD security teams had to have Roberts arrested and stopped because he was one of the cabal point persons that repeatedly over the last 16 years blocked NESARA/GESARA and thereby blocked the GCR/RV release by blocking the F&Ps (Fines & Penalties, adjudicated settlements, PPs) from being paid out and blocking notifications & packages from being delivered to PP recipients—so NO MORE of that garbage is blocking any more which is one of the key reasons F&Ps, bond payouts, and the UNSTOPPABLE progression toward T4B starting is underway THIS WEEK STILL (See text and comments in this report: AND AND ).

07/13/2021 Podcast Update


07/13/2021 Just a Note




Bond holders received calls from their paymaster and their banks, notification that they are getting time sensitive emails that they can open tomorrow at a set time, and that will be their 1% accessible in their account.

Banks are getting 0.25% fee for handling our exchange. They were supposed to be sanctioned, but now have this as SOP.

Internationally there is massive crisis, floods, fires, etc. 65 people died in Iraq. It’s terrible, but supposed to be leading to the EBS.


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