Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update and Today’s Notes of Importance 7-14-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

07/14/2021 Update

Our military intel contact info fits Mr Fleming’s sources— T4B start Thu into Fri 7/15-16 pending fixing the stolen [cabal owned] gold problem which they’re working on right now—he said the DoD release to UST & IMF to proceed overnight came at 6:40 am EST this morning Wed 14 July:

[Forwarded from Wxxx]

“Ok moving onto other things guys I had a telephone call with one of my sources and he agrees with all the other gurus that this is the week that the RV will be released. One of his friends has gone NDA as he was paid his German bonds. So things are moving guys. I’m waiting to hear from my seller regarding my dragon bonds and hopefully get it paid this week.

The Green Lantern is also excited about this week and he has assured me that the 4B group will get released this Thursday [15 July].

GL has requested that we all pray and not to fight within each other.

God bless everyone. . . . just received intel from Texas Snake’s banker that G day is Thursday [15 July] guys”

. ..Our guy said if the stolen cabal gold problem is solved tonight they may start us Thursday 15 July as planned instead of Friday 16 July.

07/14/2021 Today Notes of Importance

JULY 14, 2021

It’s another Wednesday and we are still in “slow rollout” mode. Confirmations that some bond holders are under NDA, have arrived. All waiting for the SHOTGUN START to launch everything. This SHOTGUN is a buckshot – hitting hard and blowing wide, covering everything fast. We’re hearing this is planned for JULY 15th.

What’s happening on July 15?

The IMF updates all of their rates. New rates will be posted for IRAQ and for 23 other currencies. These countries will have NEW CURRENCY – whether revalued (up in value) or devalued (losing value). With a SHOTGUN START, all new currency rates will be available and on FRONT BANK SCREEN at the BANK TELLER WINDOW. But, you will not have the opportunity to participate in the private rates negotiated specifically for Tier 4 B, provided by negotiated contract, under the US Treasury, and only at the REDEMPTION CENTERS. This has long been thought to be the plan and we’re hoping this will be proven – TOMORROW.

The US TREASURY has 72 hours to update all of the banks, here in US, with each countries new, validated, IMF-verified; rates. Which means, we may not have bank teller-window access, until next Tuesday at the latest. Still, should be possible to start exchange of currency and redemption of Zim bonds, in REDEMPTION CENTERS, tomorrow, or immediately once the notifications start. These Redemption Centers can manage, if they choose, a 24/7 exchange. We’ll see what is made possible.

Once notifications for Tier 4B start, all of the “liquid” accounts, pre-loaded, in response to the SKR, or BOND, or whatever privately negotiated, UST-coordinated, deal was bank-facilitated; will be SPENDABLE and FULLY ACCESSIBLE. They have always waited for Tier 4B. Thanks to the wise negotiators making sure that we – the greatest group ever gathered for positive, global change – in history, can freely and safely exchange. We will have our chance to prove we are all that we have been saying we are, that we are here to make 1,000 Years of Grace and Abundance, possible.

Everything will be starting, all together, immediately/concurrently, and this is what we’ve been waiting for. IF the US cooperates that is, with the IMF, and all is approved – audits all checked – military give white flag GO, we will receive personal, (not to be shared) email notifications, and a (shareable) safe-link. Simultaneously, we (hope) to have an announcement about the USN – the YUAN – the new currencies for 23 countries which include:

First Basket:

1 US
2 UK

NESARA will be announced on JULY 15. The NESARA announcement, along with the NEW US CURRENCY takes us back to the 1776 US CONSTITUTION with our SOVEREIGNTY AND FREEDOM RESTORED and establishes the absolute benchmark of the end of the Rothschild Cartel’s absolute control of our Financial System.

The U S Treasury has negotiated a flat rate of 0.25% for every redemption, and this was not enough. They’ve pushed for more, so we don’t know what will be the actual rate. We will have more than enough to support our beautiful vision, sustained and built on for 30+ years.

Keep in mind that July 15th is actually starting in Australia RIGHT NOW – it’s the start of their Thursday business day. The sun is shining on July 15th.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

07/14/2021 Podcast Today’s Notes of Importance



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