“Before the Post Office Closes” by GK – 7.14.21



For those of you who come along every year or so to educate us on the good guy secret plans and how they have to have as much chaos as possible before they can actually stop the criminally insane please heed this advice. Those of us who have been on the internet since the 1990s writing about evil, only found our way here by following evil.

We went thru shock and awe while it was happening in 2003. We listened to Alex Jones’ many movies all the way back to the first one when he covered Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.

We heard about the global currency reset and attended every guru call and site. Me– I was kicked off to date, DinarVets, TNT, Alpha 1 and 2 with Exogen, Detectives, Recaps, Blanche, The old drooling guy, Oakie, those 2 sites that split from Exogen, then there was Dizzy bear, and Fisher and that Glory be to God show, and Jared Rand and White Hats, and I could practically write Tank’s autobiography for him. Then who hasn’t listened to Frank’s crooning Youbetubees, and Bruce and Zap and Dan and Sam mugzzi and Kent Dunn, and ascended masters and descended misters and hell… I had my money at Sterling Currency confiscated by the FBI in 2015, and watched Bush hand the baton to Obama and Obama hand it off to Trump and Trump unhappily surrender to Biden, and Jesus I am even on the original Studly Generals Group at Wells Fargo and had currency with one of the Reno white hat admirals groups. I am even leaving out key one’s. 

I went to extend Dinar purchases on layaways to the tune of thousands over many many years. I went from being told to get currency before the post office closed in 2011 to telling people to get currency before the post office closed in 2015…

I knew Tony before during and after prison and his brother the guy who loves alliteration as in miraculous Monday, terrific Tuesday, wonderful Wednesday, therapy Thursday and F this crap another weekend Friday but Tuesday for sure. Although it is a war and liquid and the bombings in Iraq halted the security blah blah blah but the Central Bank of Iraq had the changes written in Iraqi but a different number in English and oh yes… who can forget the fake beheadings and then Q,,, trust the plan and past tense Judy who says the bankers were in the bank, not the bankers are in the bank and other such examples of wrong tense.

And without adding the newbies names to the list — might you imagine how annoying you are to presume you know more than the rest of us?  

Folks join me in listing the all too familiar terms over 20 years like, “they want us to have this.”

Come on, it will be fun.


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