Dinarland Highlights for July 14, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.14.21


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[Anything new on rates?]

I am hearing the dong is neck and neck with the dinar. And the dinar is obscenely high.

…the news started coming in pretty solid last night…it appears we are sitting right here on the edge…buckle up and stay calm…we are seeing real movement now. Positive real movement…its exciting.

[When will tier 4b start?]

I wish I knew…it certainly appears we are getting close.

[Any news on the dong rates right now?]

We don’t know exactly what it is going to be…I still think it will be in the low $2 range…We are hearing it is showing on bank screens at well over $10 right now…mid teens…IQD is showing around $20.00…I have always believed we would get around $8…street rate around $4.



My opinion and the opinion of my contacts is the craziness is all confusion being done deliberately…They said it would get crazy at the end and it is…Once you sort through all the confusion, the bottom line is we are in a very sweet spot to get this done and they want it done and it is happening…


Petra (KTFA)

The need for new small category notes will be controlled IMO.  It’s not going to be a huge amount to come out because they’re driving everybody to digital commerce which is where the world is going with those CBDC’s and all those other programs that are coming out from the BIS and many other entities.


Frank26 (KTFA)

A deputy develops solutions to treat and reduce the damage of the economic crisis”

I’m calling this the mother of all article…this guy is saying there is a solution…and that solution is going to reduce the damage of our economic crisis.  You’re talking about the monetary reform

International products are in the period of changing the exchange rate inside the country.’

the border taxations, the new exchange rate, the new small category notes – all of that is going international afloat…it’s changing the exchange rate inside of our country [Iraq]…this is the mother of all articles.  It can’t be any more blatant, any more obvious and it’s from the right people…



Yesterday Iraq puts out at least two articles talking about deleting the zeros…this could really go one of two directions.  They could either remove zeros from the notes from the notes or remove the zeros off the exchange rate.  No matter what they’re gonna tell you what they’re gonna do.  It’s not a secret…Iraq is clearly telling you they’re taking 3 zeros off the notes…I’m not making this up…it’s in print

denominations of 200 dinars (equivalent to 200 thousand dinars in the currency currency).’

That is removing zeros from the notes…



In order for the lower denomination to be used…it’s not possible unless something happens.  And what is that something?  They would have to change the exchange rate…the lower denominations like the 5’s, 10’s, 25’s, 100’s and 500’s and 1000’s – the only reason why they are not being used is because they have no value…so why would you use them unless you plan on chaining the exchange rate…



“Are there any signs pointing us to the end of this investment?”

There are.  Being able to use the Iraqi dinar in the Swift system…the whole world has access to the currency.  That’s what’s amazing for what you and I have right now.  Not too many people have access to what you and I have.  You can complain you’ve been waiting for this but it’s all part of the game and it’s nothing new…they are going to add value to their currency

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