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Entry Submitted by GK at 10:04 PM EDT on July 15, 2021

I don’t really agree we need to know who “They” are/is… Our world has always been an unknown “They” and in the last 20 years we have come to learn the They that have been psychopaths starting wars for profit… Trafficking kids, etc.

As an agent explained to me that the white hat black hat thing was a real situation.  Agencies probably didn’t know what the black hats were up to for the first decade or so… But they likely shared stories that were WTF… How can we serve that evil. We gotta do something.

Wars come and go and people lost friends– while the billionaires got richer, as planned.

Eventually, as Dizzy Bear tried to explain… The white hats started to organize clandestinely… To essentially overthrow the black hats…

My question is always — not who they are– but if the black hats will trick everyone into what they wanted all along…Brer bear throwing Brer rabbit to his safety in the briar patch.

Nothing serves them better than foot soldiers thinking they are doing the right thing.

But let’s face it. Anyone offended by these questions are mercenaries wanting a big pay day and suckers be damned.

I think the gatekeepers who are slowly explaining good guys are winning, to just be patient— are oftentimes… Not always— but quite often… people who had a little dirt on them that is either being used by a colored hat, black, white or grey to serve in the info disinfo war.

And some are just good people trying to help but view count always makes me wonder. From a guy who has always been suppressed.

Obviously THEY certainly don’t want us to know everything.

However when one major player goes by the motto, by deception we shall do war…

At least that one is being honest about being dishonest.

Then there is the Talmud that does not hide the idea they want 90% dead. It is there in black and white.  That is why I use it as tangible evidence.

Is this some entity setting Jews up to take the fall?

Maybe— but I don’t see many Jews trying to explain this fact. Likely they are scared of their ruthless hierarchy too — but then… it would make you partly dirty too— as not to try and warn people — even to one’s own detriment.

The crazies don’t just threaten Dad, they threaten and even go as far as to kill everyone in the family. 

The matrix is bliss.

This is the reason we see surgical dismantling… or so we are led to believe… 

But just as a surgeon cuts between the cancer and the healthy tissue… that same idea would apply to black hats cutting out every cell that might turn on them. 

This is why… sadly… I believe so many villains are still running around. 

Ultimately when you analyze it you figure it out, evil is evil 24 and 7 and everyone else is stunted by the relentless dedication to evil. Dumbfounded by the dedication to it.

THEY should only matter to the greatest bunch of secret white hats to ever bless the Earth. If they exist.

I am born of  cynicism, skepticism and hope. But I never stopped trying to be helpful to the cause of good winning. I really am an optimist because I get on the field every day. A true fan of Chicago’s northsiders who are on their way back to last place where perhaps loveable losers belong.

Whenever things are going good I expect something to break that window at any moment.  New agers — please don’t write to tell me I am bringing it by that thought. BS. Evil creates our problems, not those who worry about it.

But I do get annoyed by being treated like brain dead retards.

And by whom?

We all hate people explaining stuff we have been doing for decades. “Here let me show you how to tie your shoes, you are doing it all wrong.”

Remember when Matt Damon says in Rounders, that poker movie, if you can’t spot the sucker in 10 minutes, you are it?
Who are they?

THEY are grifters. Skilled grifters.

Who are “we” is the real question.


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